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“God did not just answer my personal question. He gave me a profound healing. With His words of the most profound wisdom, love, and understanding that I have ever heard or read, God helped me to see myself, my health, and my family in a new light. With this new understanding, my problems began to fade away, and, with it, many of my old fears.”

Annette Bradley, California

Hi Gloria,

Thank you for God’s words. You were correct I did feel a response before I received God’s answer. The sadness disappeared and I experienced an acceptance of what is. While we obviously still don’t know the outcome, I know that all will work out as it does, whatever that is.

You know we lost a home many years ago and it didn’t change anything except that our family grew closer. We still found joy in the simple things and everything really. Truly, we couldn’t have been happier in those days and we had nothing except the most important thing of all…LOVE!

Before I received God’s advice about my husband today, I was already doing what He told me to do. I am taking and will take the steps my husband would like me to take. And… up until yesterday my husband hadn’t asked me to take any steps! It truly is amazing to me that God’s words matched the steps (although baby ones) I am taking. How does that work? Ahhh, the mystery. Quite intriguing. While God’s words were a reality check and I found myself a bit surprised, I had to chuckle when He said I was a great dramatist.

I also noticed a change in my husband and his outlook. His drama has changed as well. He was more optimistic in that he was allowing our situation to open up new possibilities for us. He hasn’t taken that track up until the last two days after I had poured out my heart to God. So both of us remain open, and we are both taking steps in a new direction. We are both more accepting of what is.

I may not have articulated all of this as well as I could have. But my hope is you will get the gist of the message. God has helped our family.

I feel blessed because not only did I get this message today, I also received the Heavenletter today which brought tears in understanding. With all my heart, I thank you.

Carol, United States

God always answers

Sometimes the volume of our own emotions runs so high that we don’t hear God’s words ourselves. At these times, it may be helpful to receive God’s words through a neutral source. While we encourage everyone to try their own hand at asking God questions (and invite you to take a Godwriting™ Workshop), we also want to give help when it is asked for. It is all right for you to ask for help.

Here’s how to do it

  • Be sure you subscribe to Heavenletters. Personal questions to God is a service available only to Heavenreaders. Read Heavenletters for a while so you absorb some of God’s way of thinking. God does not usually give a magic solution, and yet you will find that you see your situation in a wider perspective. God wants to heal your heart.
  • Address your question directly to God. Begin: “Dear God” or “Dear Heavenly Father”, or however you like to address God. This is key.
  • Write from your heart. Ask questions that really matter to you. Refrain from predictive questions or questions that you are only curious about. Say all you have to say about your situation and how you are feeling. Pour your heart out to God. Some people feel much clearer simply from writing down their question to God.
  • End your question with a complimentary closing of your choice and, of course, your name.
  • Your donation of $75.00 indicates your sincerity and desire to take God’s answer to heart.
  • Contribute via Paypal (our account name is contributions [at] heavenletters [dot] org - replace the [at] and [dot] with @ and period.
  • Or mail your check or money order to Gloria, P.O. Box 2064, Fairfield, Iowa 52556, USA.
  • Email your question to God to: gloria [at] heavenletters [dot] org

God’s answer will be written down and emailed to you. Do not be surprised when you feel His answer and His blessings before the written answer reaches you!

Here is a link to an amazing example of a question to God and God’s answer right on this blog. It is not small thing to ask a question of God and to receive His answer. A personal miracle in Italy and overcoming depression.

Writing the answer down from God takes time. Gloria is fully engaged taking care of many responsibilities of running Heavenletters and can only answer five questions a week.


Disclaimer: Although, to the best of our belief and integrity, the answers come from the Power of God, The Godwriting International Society of Heaven and Gloria Wendroff make no claim for the authenticity of the answers and bear no legal responsibility, or responsibility of any kind for the answers themselves or any interpretations made of the answers or any actions based on the answers or any results from said answers, interpretations, or actions. We also reserve the right to not ask God for an answer to a question.

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