Bless This World

A strong Heavenreader prints out copies of the Heavenletters he finds most powerful, and he preserves them in a plastic cover. At this holiday season, he sent me a printed copy of Heavenletter #4552, Bless This World, published May 12, 2013.

How is it possible that I lost all recollection of this Heavenletter? It was not published that along ago. It is a memorable Heavenletter. How could I not remember it?

When I used to write down New Year's resolutions, they were not like this.

It's likely that, had this Heavenreader not sent me this Heavenletter, I would not have even thought about New Year's resolutions.

God whispered these words, and here they are, from this Heavenletter, as God gave them to us as our words to Him:

“From now on, I nourish what is highest and true in me, and that is You, dear God.

“From now on, I am a full-fledged messenger of God’s Will.

“From now on, I listen to what God’s Will is for me.

“From now on, I will make up for lost time, for all selfishness is loss.

“From now on, I am a willing servant of God’s.

“From now on, God’s Will is uppermost in my mind.

“From now on, I am Yours.

“From now on, I no longer belong to myself.

“From now on, I am God’s Will.”


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OMG yes, speachless. God's Love melts our hearts in split second.

I will try in 2014 respect and love God much more than in 2013! S/He helped me very much from 1941. when I was born, but many times, specially in 2013. I failed respect and love Him/Her ...

Ante, I think God would say it's all right. You are doing great now!

To all of you, a better year if possible. Firstly, love yourself and the Godlove will automaticly come! Remember you chose to be here, so make the best of it. Love to all Jack

Wishing you all a 2014 in God's loving arms. sometimes, Jack, I think I must have chosen in a hurry, but then that is not so, eh?
Love to all

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