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 In my own personal Godwriting during the second day of the workshop, I wrote:

I love to watch Pierre write, he who said he wasn't much of a writer! His pen is fast now!

I, Gloria, learned a tremendous amount from this unique workshop. Both Normand and Pierre mentioned that this Godwriting workshop was a liberating experience for them. To my joy, one of the things I saw with my own eyes is how liberating God can be.

Something very powerful happened at this workshop. It was dynamite. I too gained insights packed into two short days.

Before I present Pierre's workshop evaluation, I would like to print some of a Heavenletter that has not yet been published. I just edited this Heavenletter a few days ago. I almost said harvested it! It will be published on January 30, 2012. It is Heavenletter #4084 All Are One, and And All Are Worthy. Here is an excerpt from it:

God said:

The fact is that you are united with everyone. Whether you are biased against one creed or another, the fact is that you are One. When you are biased against any group, therefore making yourself believe that you are superior, you are One just the same. There is no getting away from Oneness, regardless of your stance.

You can consider yourself King of the Mountain, and you are not singled out, for everyone partners with you. You do not stand alone. No one stands above another. All are equal. In Reality, all are equal. All are equal in Oneness. All are equal in My eyes. Whose other eyes would you go by?

You can be healthier, taller, shorter than your neighbor, yet none of these make any difference. You are One with everyone and everything. There is no superior. There is no inferior. We are talking about souls. We are talking about Inner Being. All are Mine in Oneness. There is no all -- there is I. If you think you exist as an entity apart from Me, it doesn’t matter. We are One, for Oneness alone is.

Put away those patterns that distinguish one individual as worthy and another as unworthy. I have the say on that, and I say that all are One and worthy, in My eyes, and My eyes count. I count One.

For those of you who have read the guidelines and best practices on the forum know that we do not discuss religion or politics or any issues on the forum or here on the blog. We don't because we are for Oneness, not divisiveness. It's that simple: Issues divide. 

So I ask, that you not come out pro or con in response to Pierre's wide-open evaluation. This just isn't the place for it.  I don't know that anywhere is a place for it because, as I look at it now, pro and con are both judgments. We wouldn't be pro or con if we didn't judge in the first place.  The relevance here is how Pierre's past experience and imposed repression initially blocked him from Godwriting.

When a participant finds himself crying at a workshop, we can know that a huge block has broken free.

Thank you, Pierre, for your forthrightness and for coming to this workshop and teaching me so much.

Godwriting Workshop Evaluation - Pierre

Unique! Actually I did not know I would be asked to GodWrite. I thought the workshop was about Gloria's experience and how it worked for her! I did not know I could GodWrite!  It was a fantastic experience. Very special. And I am getting better at it. I can "hear" God. I think He was talking to me the first day, but I could not hear him.  I was too afraid.

Funnily enough, during the evening, I got why I was afraid. I also hear God when I stop trying to concentrate.Actually, I started a written conversation with God by thanking Him for my blessings and started rambling and eventually I started to hear him, but it was subtle. Only at the end of the session did I realise God was talking, and I was merely writing. For me the key is when I think He told me to let go, to liberate myself.

The thing that made me glad was to discover that I could GodWrite. Why was it so difficult for Normand and I? I don't know. I think for me it was because I am gay, and I was not sure I am allowed to GodWrite. But God told me He loved me.

I also realised I wanted more spirituality in my life... GodWriting is putting lots of things in perspective, and I cannot wait to see how it will influence my life in the future.I guess there is not much more I want added to the workshop. Maybe a little more about Gloria's experiences, but I can find that on the web site... more reading...;-)...

The group being very small, we had a very close dynamic with Gloria. I suspect that Santhan did not come on the second day because he might have thought he was blocking our writing. He did not block our writing, but I was touched he had the delicateness of thinking about us and that he wanted to help release our GodWriting. But I could be wrong!...;-)...

I was very impressed with Santhan's GodWriting, especially his first Godwriting. I love Normand's analytical approach and also the fact he did not think he was GodWriting. God is talking to him in a different style. To all of us in a different style. Gloria's style is so free flowing!

Something is certainly different now! I don't think Normand has ever seen me cry! I am very good at keeping up appearances, and I can mount barriers very high. But those conversations with God are so honest and liberating, you can say anything you want and you get an unbiased and honest simple answer. There is nothing really major in terms of my feeling different except for desire to write to God and hear God writing back.

I do not have any questions at this stage but will forward them to you. I am not a fast thinker and need to let things settle.

This is an unbelievable experience. I did not think I would like it as much. And I did not think I could do it. I think we are the first gay couple who is going through the workshop, and I know in my case, I had some reluctance to hear God's words. But all is good! Thank you so much, Gloria, for doing this for us! God Bless!

Pierre xxx

Thank you for everything, beloved Pierre. Thank you for coming to the workshop and making it so wonderful, and thank you for your generosity. God bless you a thousandfold.


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How sweet this movement you bring forward Gloria for people to turn within and not to be identified with what's outside: body, relationships, money or lack of it, worry, fear etc. that locate the attention turned outward. God is within and being with God is the orientation that most interests me in myself and in another.

Beloved Dianita, you know it's God Who brings all this forward.

I love what you wrote. Your last sentence must be from God -- it sums up everything!

"God is within, and being with God is the orientation that most interests me in myself and in another."

Bless you, Dianita.

Dearest Pierre, thank you so very much for sharing your heart. Reading your heart is so amazing, so much peace and joy and infinite sweetest love just comes through with all that you have shared. I would really love to read more of the Godwriting in the future ! God is Love, I think also in my last Godwriting He said it "I am a God of Love, I am your God of Love."
Loving you always.

Hi Pierre,

I like that you wrote this evaluation from your heart and that you took the leap to attend the workshop. You seem to be very courageous and loving.

And the statement you made about hearing God is so true. We just need to listen, God loves everyone and talks to everyone.

Do you know the song titled "What if God was one of us?"
There's a lyric in it that says:
"What if God was one of us? Just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home. Back up to heaven all alone. Nobody calling on the phone. Back up to heaven all alone..."

It's a great song and speaks to the idea of us talking to God too. Why wouldn't God want to hear from each of us?

HAHA God is One of Us!

And God is so much more! And so are we!

Bless you, Jacqueline.

Dearest Pierre, Wow! Your writing is so precious! Yes, God loves each and every one of us, isn't that the bestest! No matter what we do or anything, God's Love is always there. It is so nurturing to know, isn't it? Thank you for sharing and being the very best YOU in every moment. Much love from the USA, Laura

It takes courage to Godwrite the first time. It's not immediately apparent what a big thing it is to sit down, write and listen to God. The wax melts off the petals of our heart flower and the whole world changes.

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