2 things that shocked me recently

A friend said to me the other day as calmly as if she were talking about the weather,  "I wish so and so were dead."

That sounded to me like something from the dark ages. I couldn't believe my friend felt that way and said so, and said it to me. I couldn't believe that someone I know in America wishes someone she doesn't like dead.  Why would my friend feel so strongly and why would she say it so confidently. Doesn't she know better? Doesn't everyone know better?

Graphically, a few days later, the same friend said she didn't feel safe around that other person.


Another friend, in speaking of one of the beautiful contemporary sages,  said that someone had asked the sage: "What shall I do about the state of the world?"

The sage had responded: "You worry about yourself --" Perfect answer. And then the sage added: "I will take care of the world."

It shocked me that someone would say that she would take care of the world, and it shocked me that my friend thought that was a wonderful answer. My friend had the confidence that the sage would indeed make the world right.

I stuttered: "What about God?"

And my friend fluffed that off.

Someone counts more than God?

I was aghast at these two comments.

I guess each one of us lives in her own world and doesn't want to live in anyone else's. Maybe we just can't.


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When I read the words the sage spoke: "I will take care of the world", I felt the ONENESS of the sage knowing Self as God. I perceived no separate ego in the words.

This morning I wrote the last entry in a journal, which finally filled up all the pages. Some of my words this morning were: "Every moment, remember God in all life! The Other is God. The Other is You. Rise above the human to the divine."

From within that feeling of unity I next read the above blog post, and it is from that all-embracing Love that I understood it.

Dear Gloria,
what a coincidence between your blog and yesterday's Heavenletter:

"Often you ask yourself: “How can so and so think like that? What is he thinking of?” There is even a song that sings: “Why can’t she be more like me?”

At the same time as you may limit yourself, you think you are at the summit. Of course, it is true that you have come a long way. And now you will come further as you open your heart and you open your mind. Be open-minded. Be open-hearted. Your way is not the only way. Your way may not be a way at all except that you fell into it and it sort of suited you. It is comfortable. You like it. You may also like very much feeling that you are above others."

Water rolls over duck's feathers.

This is very Old. My father was talking to a minister and asked if it was a sin to hate the enemy. This in Holland during W.W. two The minister answered something in the way of I hope all Nazis will go to heaven but rather sooner then later. My Father was most impressed and so am I thinking back on it. Love your adversaries to heaven. Same with obstreperous Politicians, Love to All Jack

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