A blog special report

A blog special. Warning: Read with caution:

For three weeks I have had a terrible cough. A wracking debilitating cough. I was a walking cough. I was nothing but a cough. I was a human cough. My identity was cough.

Despite the beauty of my arrival in South Africa, all the while, I was a cough. Day and night, I was a cough.  My coughing disturbed others’ sleep from miles away.

There was no cosmic hum. There was cough, cough, cough.

Heaven Admin spent fortunes on healthy vile-tasting potions with names too terrible to mention but guaranteed to heal accursed coughs. He administered these tinctures to me himself, spoon by spoon. He prayed for a cure.

Whatever he asked me, I responded: “Cough, cough, cough.”

I carried Kleenex close to my heart.

There were strangling coughs. There were gurgling coughs. There were successful coughs.

There were also days of laryngitis where no sound could escape my larynx except for cough, cough, cough.

There were days where only a tiny high-pitched voice could escape my larynx, and this high-pitched squeaking, while I was helpless, Heaven Admin would mimic with callous laughter.

I narrowly escaped being put back on a flight, any flight, just so Heaven Admin wouldn’t have to hear cough, cough, cough. I discovered that Heaven Admin does not have the patience of a saint as I had thought.

Heaven Admin, I have to ask you: "What did you have to complain about? I was the one with the cough."

No one realizes what I have been through, but now there seems to be a breakthrough where whole moments go by without a cough.

Houston, we have arrived!


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Beautiful Gloria,

I trust your first Short Story Book will be published soon.

I have a feeling that your captivating writing will be cherished, fun and enlightening addition to any short story lover's library.


Beloved Lady of the Heart, is this you, Eva?

What a booster, you are!

Good thing too. I was just about the prepare the concrete mix and invite you for a walk over to the pier.

One, oh, no, you were going to have me walk the plank?!!

Oh, poveretta!

Even with the few symptoms you mention in your little narrative, a good homeopath should be able to help your body clear this up swiftly. I include a list of practitioners in your present area:


(Hope the system will let this go through to you.)

Oh, I forgot to mention how to operate the searcher:

1. Click "Kwazulu-Natal" in the drop-down menu.
2. Enter "Durban" below.

Dear Gloria, As in this poem by Hafiz, perhaps you inhaled a strange feather that finally fell out (was coughed up) and you will be all the better for it!

All the craziness,
All the empty plots,
All the ghosts and fears,
All the grudges and sorrows have
Now Passed.
I must have inhaled
A strange Feather
That finally fell out

At any rate, so glad that you are on the mend. And sorry for the awfulness you and your housemates have had to endure! Barbara

Santhan did not get to experience the beginning of THE COUGH. I did. why do you think I sent you to South Africa?

Oh, so that's how it is! You're ganging up on me! After all I did for you! Raising you! I love you, Lauren.

Barbara, I just love that by Hafiz! It's new to me.

I have been liking to think that this this cough cough cough is opening up my throat chakra so I will never hold back again from speaking up. I hope I will no longer think of what to say long after the moment has passed!

I hope everyone reads the Hafiz poem you gave to us.

Loving you, dear Barbie.

Gloria, Gloria,

I wrote to you before you left Chicago and told you specifically to run to a clinic.

Did you do that?

Lauren, did she do that?

So sorry you caught my horrible cough.

Yes, I did have it for over 3 weeks.

Then it disappeared.

I think it needed Western medicine. But I did not do it.

So I advised you to.

C'est la vie....

Jacqueline, Jacqueline, you must have known I wouldn't go!

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