A Miracle of Miracles at My House

A miracle of miracles has happened in my office. Well, Heavenletters are a miracle every day! I am speaking of another miracle of supreme proportions!

I did it. I really did it. I cleared off my desk. I can hardly believe it myself. All that clear space! I love it. I want to hug it.

Maybe I will take pictures of all I removed from my desk  In case I don't, I will tell you: About five small green glass fish. I just love them.  A bigger wooden whale and a colorfully painted soft wood fish of some kind. Three mugs of pens and pencils some of which worked. Two adorable foo dogs and one Tiki (broken).   A beautiful smooth stone that Heaven Admin sent me years ago. Three eyeglass cases, two with glasses and one empty. Little bits of computer equipment connected to nothing.  Photos and cards people had sent.  A small dish with darling little stones in it.

I discovered a little tassel, some candles, some incense buried under a lot of papers, some blank, some written on, some important. I found a check I had written on December 5  which I had forgotten all about. Some books. A button. A little screw driver. There's more too.

Before you think I'm exaggerating -- I'm not -- not even one bit -- I have a very large desk. Lauren and I made it. We made it from directions in a Feng Shui book about how to make a P*O*W*E*R  D*E*S*K!

You may remember that Heaven Admin, in responding to an earlier blog called How to Declutter Your Office, suggested I put a lot of stuff under a table or something and cover it all with a cloth. The fact is that I used to have just that! I had boxes and boxes filled with stuff under this very desk!! I had a beautiful red and black cloth stapled all around the desk except for where my legs go -- all the boxes were covered from view, although my feet kept hitting the boxes.

But one day, in a fit of neatness, I pulled all the boxes out from under the desk,  and I tore off the stapled red and black cloth until finally, the only free-from-clutter place in my whole office now is the surface of my desk and under it.  I'm not kidding.

Getting back to the clearing off of my desk, what happened, you may wonder, that got me to the point of actually clearing it?

What did happen right before my cleaning spree is that my friend Joyce from the San Diego area called me. Joyce reads the blog. Now Joyce is a very organized neat person. I have never seen her leave anything around  in her house. (She used to live in walking distance from me here in Fairfield.) I have thought of Joyce as a very left brain thinker.

But listen to what she said to me! She said:

"Gloria, make a game of it. Put those crayons in a box. Then take something else off your desk and ask yourself: 'Does this belong with the crayons?' If not, start another box..."

Of course, I didn't do that. I put everything from on top of my desk into a box of its own which someday I will go through. I really will.

And then the piece de resistance from Joyce was: "And when your desk is all cleared off, put a little vase with a flower on your desk."

I did better than that! I put a big vase with dozens of yellow and white daisies that Jacqueline had brought over, and, just to think of it, there was room on the desk to put it too!

You see, before Joyce hung up the phone, I promised her I would clear off my desk.

The thing is that, at that point, clearing off my desk is what I wanted to do! I couldn't wait to do it!

Now here is this one clear spot in my office, and I am eager to get everything else out of here or placed in the bookcase neatly. It won't happen today because I promised my daughter I would go somewhere with her.

Keep after me, Joyce, and all of you, too!


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Less is more. I like clean, neat, almost abstract places, they speak to me of freedom and lightness. You will sense that feelings too. Most of the time objects possess us and not the reverse.

Although I love a place that "is lived" and you feel confortable to move and to things freely, I feel lighter by just reading your mail dear !! you really did wonders and .... oh, I LOVE THE DAISIES !!!

... How's Xena dear ?? Have you got a puppy friend for her ??

much love and light and sunshine to you and your most beautiful desk ! Did you remember the colour of the surface or now it seems a totally new one ?


Oh Gloria,
How wonderful for you! My Fung Shui teacher told us that we will be more open to receive the good that's on its way when we clear our space for it. Congratulations on your good work!

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