A most unlikely meeting at the airport

A plane ride to Istanbul via EasyJet Airlanes.

Sitting on one side of me was Heaven Admin, and on the other side a young woman named Sylvia.

Sylvia was a remarkable young woman.  I wonder --  how did she get so wise, and how is it that she had so many nice things to say about her husband and his family. Sylvia was originally from Poland, migrated to England five years ago. She was flying to Istanbul to meet her husband who was from Turkey and who had been visiting his parents during Ramadan.

Sylvia told me how good the food was in Turkey, and she was so right. She also told me how fun-loving the people of Turkey are, which they are.  No one could have prepared me for the incredible wonderfulness and hospitality of Istanbul. I'll tell you more about that later.

Meanwhile, Sule met Heaven Admin and me at the airport as she said she would. You will never believe who was there with her! It was so bizarre! It was an impossibility that the two other people who were there with her could be there. At first, when I saw them, I didn't know where I was --in Fairfield, Iowa,  or Istanbul, Turkey.

Well, you know I had a moving sale a month or so ago. Unbelievably, at the airport was the man who had bought many tools and his wife who had bought some kitchen items! They were with Sule at the Istanbul airport! Is this not an amazing coincidence worthy of being published in the Guiness Book of Records!

The husband had become a disciple of Effendi who amazingly had invited Heaven Admin and me to stay at the darghah (Sufi House.) And what a treat this has been. I think my life in Istanbul has become like a fantasy novel. I have been experiencing incredible good fortune. I tell you God is continually pouring out blessings, and I am amazed and grateful.  My life never used to be like this.

I will tell you more tomorrow -- or as soon as I can get connected.


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Oh Gloria, how delicious! Here I am up at 5 a,n, to have some quiet time without my little Diamond needing attention, and before I can indulge myself I think, I must check and see if Gloria has added to the blog today! And what a great treat to read your entry. I am sure Sufi House will give you equally exciting and heart warming tales to share with all of us.

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