A three-pronged plan

I remember reading of a primitive society, and I'm sure you've heard this too, when someone stole, for example, the whole tribe met in a circle, and the thief was in the middle. The thief was not accused. He was not even labelled as a thief.  With everyone's eyes on him, one by one, each member of the tribe told the person in the center what they liked about him. There were not punishments or tut-tutting. There were not courts of law pronouncing judgments. This was a practice of love. 

I don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from being told something nice and true about himself or herself. Does anyone get enough appreciation? I don't think so.

Now, modern society isn't going to adopt that practice, nor would the practice work if we just went through the motions. Going through the motions isn't enough. It has to be where our consciousness is. It can't be imposed. It has to come from within.

Okay, so, as good as that technique of the primitive society proved to be, in my opinion, it worked because of the fundamental being of the people in that society and their cultural awareness that when we go astray, it may be because we don't think well enough of ourselves.

Okay, so now back to primitive societies. Is it safe to say that primitive societies did not have all the crime that we seem to have in modern society?

Three big differences between primitive societies and ours, the way I see it, are:

1. The people in primitive societies didn't wear clothes, often not even a fig leaf. There were no secrets. Nothing was hidden.

2. The whole tribe was an extended family. Everyone had the equivalents of grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings and parents. The whole life was family life.

3. They lived lives close to nature. All babies were nursed, and everyone ate with their fingers. There was none of this: "That's not polite. We have to do it this way."

I don't know when it became that we had to eat with metal utensils that separate us from our food.

I may have given my theory before that hamburgers and chips and candy are probably so popular because we eat them with our fingers. Without silverware separating us from our food, we gain more energy (prana) from the food we eat and and also from the liveliness of our fingers.

Of course, it's not possible that we can introduce this idea into our fine dining restaurants or anywhere or propose it to the United Nations as a way to bring peace to the world. I would like to propose as least the following:

Let our toddlers eat naturally with their fingers. Let them feed themselves with their fingers. Let them make a muss. Let eating belong to them and the mother not stick a spoon into their mouths.

With even just that, I bet there would be fewer disruptive children who grow up to create havoc.

In some countries today, it is natural and acceptable to eat with your fingers. Or drink soup from a bowl, not spoon it with a metal utensil. What a freedom!

There must be something to this -- what do you think?


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Yes! Like all the ideas I've read here, this one has a BIG SOMETHING to it. I love the theory. It will work. I mostly eat with my fingers. The food tastes better. I'm more satisfied. I never burn my mouth with hot food and so on. I also love to squish my food with my fingers and suck my fingers afterwards.

I see the progression in life as an upward moving spiral. When we go back to a more simplistic innocent way of living, it will be a higher experience of that tribal unity. It won't be primitive, but may have similarities to what we call "primitive societies". We'll be together and be living in a more connected to earth way - by choice. We may choose to leave behind certain social practices that we found to disconnect us from each other and our environment.

"Primitive societies" were ahead of today's societies in many ways.

I believe, Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Even in a restaurant I pick from Miekes plate and she from mine. I use fork and Knife when needed and my hands when i feel like it and I am not in the least concerned with protocol but try not to upset others. If others are upset about our way of eating, That is not our problem. I find eating soup with a spoon easier than drinking it from a bowl or other even soup should be consumed slowly but if others want it different fine with me. I still Love all Jack

Considering your three points I cannot help but fancying a naked fat man eating with his fingers from my plate ( as we are all "family").

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