African workshop 5 Normand's Godwriting™

Normand discovered everything for himself. He discovered the freedom of Godwriting, that it definitely is not prescribed from the outside but totally an expression from within.


I have long called the process, Godwriting. Godwriting is not my writing. I could not even begin to think of the topics God thinks of let alone the ordering of the thoughts and words themselves. I say Godwriting for several reasons. One main reason is is that this is most comfortable for me. I suppose I could just as well have called the Source Higher Consciousness Writing or Inner Self Writing etc. but I love God. I don't know how to love my Higher Consciousness.  I don't know to feel affection for it or to relate to it at all. My Higher Consciousness is too abstract for me. But, God, I feel love for.

I learned a lot from Normand's experience. Whatever name may be given to Godwriting, what Normand wrote in his evaluation will always stand out for me:  Godwriting is You talking to you. (Normand, are these your words or God's?)

This is perfect, isn't it? Godwriting doesn't come from outside us, yet it is not from our ordinary self.  This realization is what I believe was Normand's breakthrough. This is what released Normand from the blockage that had stood in his way.

How happy I was on the second day of the workshop to see Normand using his pen and reading over what he had received. That was a treat and a reward.

Before giving you a sample of Normand's Godwriting, it's probably good for me to say that part of the workshop is an overview of right brain/left brain.

Here's a sample of Normand's Godwriting. As it happens, it is about the relation between the left brain and the right brain:

On acceptation. Reversing the poles.

You  cannot access Unity by starting with duality. You cannot unite what is divided in your mind. A unified theory of science is impossible. Even « e=mc2 » is impossible unless the letter « e » in the equation stands for God. Then, the sign  « = » should be changed or converted into a gravitational lens that refracts or multiplies Unity, not divide it.

You cannot make One out of two unless you accept that two can only come from One.

The left brain, the binary one, is a projection of the right brain. Right brain and left brain don't belong in the same dimension/space-time. The right brain is connected to Unity through spacelessness and timelessness. It is the realm of the Now, the Instant without sequence.

The left brain is the reactive brain, the programmed machine that generates the physical appearance of the Universe and bodies. So the left brain is the « illusory brain »  or the « brain of illusion » while the right brain is the real one (in its content.) The right brain must be connected to the heart where Oneness resides.

There might be a trilogy of heart -- right brain -- left brain.

The act of letting go, drop-down resistance, accepting what life presents us every second might have the power to reverse the circuitry between the right and the left brain by introducing the heart as the initiator of the process and following the sequence Heart —> right brain —> left brain

When we let the process start by the left brain, it is like killing the little Mozart in the child.

Normand, with your permission, I would like to make this Godwriting that came through you as part of the Godwriting workshop,  How to Godwrite book, online workshops, web-in-ar etc. Okay with you?

Tomorrow, as it happens, more about Normand! More has come to light. Then, the next, a big bang with Pierre! 



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Granted, Gloria!

Would you mind correcting the typos in:

Third paragraph, last line: "the realm of the Now" instead of "the real of the Now"
Fourth parag.: "in its content" instead of "it its content"
Sixth parag.: "circuitry" instead of "circuity"

Grácias Señora

About your question:

Godwriting™ is You talking to you. (Normand, are these your words or God’s?)

Reply: half and half

"half and half" the only possible answer when you were given an either - or choice! From Oneness, maybe the answer would be "YES!"?

Normand and Gloria, Thank you so much for this sharing. I am thinking this statement suggests a practice: "The act of letting go, drop-down resistance, accepting what life presents us every second might have the power to reverse the circuitry between the right and the left brain by introducing the heart as the initiator of the process and following the sequence Heart —> right brain —> left brain." There's a book (written in 17th century, by de Caussade) about "The Sacrament of the Present Moment" that this recalls to me. Fits with experience of Loving-Kindness Practice, too, it seems.


Dear mw, the only thing I can say about your comment is:


Normand, apologies for my typos. You just can't get good secretaries these days (me!)

mw and Normand, why does the answer need to be half and half? Half God is good enough for me, but why not 3/4th God or ?

Further question, in my right brain way: How does one practice letting go? Is letting go an act of will? Doesn't something else have to change first -- a perception. I have sometimes tried to let go until I'm blue in the face, so to speak, and, apparently, the harder I try to let go, the harder I find I hold on -- or it holds on to me. How do we accept the present as it is when we don't!

Over time, yes. Over that non-existent time the hold is less --sometimes, maybe.

This Godwriting is amazing !!! and it is only the beginning ! it is wonderful how God tunes in into every instrument, that is us, and each Godwriting has "it's own" colouring or taste, let's say. If Normand's overwhelming ! thanks so very much for sharing dear.
much love.

Dear Gloria, concerning your thoughts on letting go, I don't know if it is a matter of practice or changing perception or something else. But it is certainly a matter of choice (like HeavenLetter #4066 Chewing Caramels, Jan 12).

And choice is often made through "temptation". The temptation to feel limited, to identify with the body, to its frailty, to its mortality, to feel bounded by what it orders you to feel… We constantly have to CHOOSE ONCE AGAIN if we want to play the victim and consider all humanity as a victim or if we want to carry the light beyond as light workers.

We always have to choose between our weakness and the strength of God in us.

Normand strikes me as operating on a level that David Hawkins could appreciate. I imagine the two of them could spend some enjoyable time over a beverage of choice. I would be very careful about using Normand's words in an introductory workshop. They would need to be balanced with some very simple concepts for very simple people to avoid the idea that Godwriting takes place in the intellect.

Balance. I don't know where I ran across this concept but it immediately resonated with me. The act of walking exercises and coordinates and unifies the two hemispheres of the brain. This takes place because of the way the body is hooked up to the brain, left side to right side, and vice versa. As we alternate left foot with right foot, the body follows in an ongoing balancing act that keeps us from falling, and this takes place in the brain thru the cable that connects left hemisphere to right. Normand would know the name of that cable. This is why walking often helps work thru a problem or dilemma.

With apologies to those who would consider this wacky, in the science fiction world where extraterrestrial beings exist, it has been suggested that Earthlings differ from other humanoids in having a two-sided, bicameral brain with a disconnect that needs overcoming to achieve unity of consciousness. This is on purpose.

Be that as it may, God loves very simple people who don't necessarily ever think about such things, and who do understand what Gloria is talking about when she speaks of the priority of loving God. That is the bottom line.

Beloved Normand, thank you for your good reminder of Heavenletter #4066, Chewing Caramels. And these words of yours here help me very much:


Beloved Charles, what you bring up about balance and walking gives us another good reason to walk. We can even go back to crawling. I have read that Children who crawl become very good readers. Left arm, right arm as well as left leg, right leg. And crawling does something for eye coordination too as I understand it. Putting a child in a walker is not such a good idea.

At workshops, we do talk about different styles of Godwriting™, and we find our own style, or God finds our style or however it happens. Our Godwriting™ doesn't have to be like someone else's. Within an individual's Godwriting™, the style can vary as well.

In the Godwriting that comes to me, I absolutely adore the poetic ones. I mean the really poetic ones, but I also receive those that are more practical or advice-oriented. The point is, I think, that what comes, comes. We don't MAKE it come. It comes, and we welcome it.

Beloved Berit, I like very much what you said about God's being able to tune in to each instrument. That really seems to sum it up.

Thanks, everyone. You further my thoughts.

The point here too with Normand is that even coming from such seemingly total block, we can also Godwrite™, and we do!

Dear Charles, I agree with the fact that I would not publish my Godwriting "as is" outside of the Heavenletters context. But in a Godwriting workshop, you are just writing what is coming through you without trying to correct or rewrite.

Talking about balance, isn't it amazing that balance comes from 1. Only in appearance does it come from 2. One needs only One to balance.

Normand's Godwriting should definitely be part of the workshop. I love how Godwriting comes in so many different styles.

Thank you Normand! And Thank you God and Heavenletters too.

There is something so precious here. And thank you, Dianita!

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