An Easy Way to World Peace

The words that Heaven Admin says as he begins his day have really touched me:

God, allow my actions today to be guided by your Grace. May I work with a sense of purpose and devote my awareness to the task at hand. I offer all results at your divine feet.

What a way to begin a day.

I can't help but think: What if everyone in the world started every day like this?

How the world would soften.

What if every student in school thought this every morning? What if every teacher? Would not harmony be created? Would not there be more a sense of cooperation? Wouldn't teacher and student love themselves more?

What if every soldier thought this when he got up in the morning? We would have an end to wars without even trying.  Maybe a soldier would still clean his rife, yet how could he shoot anyone?

Where could animosity exist?

I have lost count of the number of blog entries about how to create peace. I am sure this is one of them.


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How lovely. You are so right, Gloria. This is a prayer I need to say many times a day ...

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