At the Dead Sea

Amazing, amazing, God is at work.

Heaven Admin and I came to Israel without a workshop planned. We had tried and tried to get something set up and just weren't able to make it happen.

On Monday, the day we arrived, we met Edna's sister, Osi, and a friend of theirs.   A month or so ago, they and several friends had planned a trip to the Dead Sea on Wednesday.   Osi had mentioned to dear Edna, Heaven's Hebrew translator who is hosting our stay here in Israel, that she wanted a Godwriting workshop at the Dead Sea and wondered if Heaven Admin and I would be willing.

It wasn't until Tuesday that dear Edna mentioned this to Heaven Admin and me. She had thought we wouldn't want to. WOULDN'T WANT TO!!! We would love to! It's not a dream I ever had -- to give a workshop at the Dead Sea -- yet it feels to me now that this is something I have wanted all my life. What greater place! Also, without a workshop to give, I feel uneasy. I am simply used to Heavenletters and Godwriting workshops as the point of my existence. It's like I wouldn't know anymore how to spend an afternoon at the beach with nothing else in mind.

One of Edna and Osi's friends never read a Heavenletter, never heard of Godwriting workshops, and wondered if she could come to "test it out."  I don't know how I would have answered this, but Heaven Admin had the perfect answer. He simply said that Godwriting workshops are for people who want to come closer to God.

It's a four-hour trip by bus to the Dead Sea. Today, Wednesday, we had Day 1 of the workshop. Can you imagine having a workshop at the Dead Sea? I was blown away by the ease and depth of the Godwriting that the two sisters, Edna and Osi, received.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we have the Day 2 of the workshop, and we leave for London at 4 a.m. Friday. Beloved Heaven Admin waits at the airport with me until 4:30 p.m. when my plane leaves for Chicago, a visit with my daughter there, and then a ride home to Iowa, finish emptying where I live, and before I know it, be on my way to Argentina.

I will tell more about the workshop and the Dead Sea and also Tuesday in Old Jerusalem as soon as I can.


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Beloved Gloria!

How auspicious! A Godwriting workshop at the Dead Sea! And it came together on its own! When something is so write, it writes its own script and sings its own song.


See you back in the States.

Betty Jean

Dearest Gloria,

I have no words really ! it is amazing and miracles flock on you and all constantly !!!!

Thanks ever so much for keeping us informed, it means the world to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you so much dear !!

Workshop at the Dead Sea is beyond miracle - it is beyond words and I love to know you there !!

much much much love

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