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Another blessed Godwriting™ workshop, this time in Santa Barbara, California. A Godwriting workshop can only be blessed, for God stars, and we mingle in His love.

I have heard it is the teacher who learns the most. I know I learn a great deal from every workshop. I am clearly another participant. As with everyone else, I learn from everyone’s Godwriting as well as from the particular blend of God’s words that I call my own Godwriting. I learn from the bright souls themselves, from what they ask and what they answer, and from their written evaluations. Most of all I learn from their hearts and beautiful faces as they light up the room.

I hope to share their evaluations and their Godwriting soon, but right now I will just share my perceptions from memory. I am writing this two days after the physical workshop ended. The workshop still goes on in my thoughts.

Here are some of the things I learned, which is another way to say here is what I became aware of.

One line from Joy’s Godwriting keeps going through my mind. It was this: “Let go of your little story.


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Sounds like it was a wonderful workshop!

So touched !!

the dried out plant, a symbol of the past - it's gone.

the beauty of it's simplicity

"Through Joy, God was saying in yet another way, “Let go of the past.

Seminars are wonderful! The mix of people who were inspired to attend are truly Beautiful!

I've not attended one of yours, Gloria, but I've attended some number of others. They are all attended by the beautiful people. And don't you know, it seems the seminars of our day-to-day lives, the ones where we interact with all those other people we've never met before are filled with the beautiful people as well. When we arrive at the perspective adjustment that LOVE brings us, you just begin to see it in everyone. . .the beauty that they are. Their spirit and light just shines forth.

It's true that there are beautiful people wherever we go.

I do have to say, however, that people at Godwriting workshops top them all. Because of the people who come, and because of their focus and intention, and because of God's Presence, something happens that is utterly gorgeous and not like anything else.

I have been to enough workshops in my life. They're all good. I know people make discoveries and get psyched up. I believe to the bottom of my soul that something more happens at Godwriting workshops, and that this one was extraordinary.

I also believe something more happens at Godwriting workshops than we are even aware of. The credit for this, of course, goes to God.

I also want to express appreciation for all the beautiful people who post comments here on this blog.

Blessings and love,


We would like to tell the world about a very special person in our lives.He is our son Santhan.We as parents have been blessed with a son who has made a huge impact in our lives and to those who have come to know him.

Our lives were shattered in April this year when after a delayed hysterectomy, Santhan's mother Saraswathie was diagnosed as having 4th stage ovarian carcinoma.Cancer!! To us then this was like a death sentence.

The oncologist told us that she was going to die if she did not receive chemotherapy as soon as possible.

When Santhan,who was in Argentina, was given the news,he in his usual calm and soothing manner told us not to be overly concerned and that he would arrive in South Africa in a few days.

Upon his arrival we visited the oncologist who gave us all the details about the chemotheraphy treatment and some of its side effects.

Santhan then told us about alternative methods of healing cancer.He wanted his mother to go onto a macrobiotic diet together with spiritual healing.

Santhan made it very clear to his mother that he would stand by her no matter what decision she made.She was offcourse undecided and was in a state of panic.Well meaning friends and relatives all knew of many patients who had chemotheraphy and were living a "normal life'.This made the decision all the more difficult for Saraswathie.

God then helped make up her mind.Saraswathie wrote to God via His messenger Gloria.God said to Saraswathie that the decision was hers and hers alone.This was not the answer Sarawasthie wanted.She was still very uncertain.
A few hours later there was another letter from God.In a nutshell this was a conversation between God and Gloria and where the crux of the message was "Listen to your son".This was what helped Saraswathie make her decision.She decided that it was her life and that she would place her body in the hands of God and her son Santhan's.

We entered into a totally different lifestyle.It was as if we were reborn.Santhan would spend hours in the kithen lovingly preparing all meals for us and take us through breathing exercises and meditation.He would source out organic foods from surprizingly very limited suppliers.He would spend nights researching alternate cancer healing methods.Phew! Where does he get his energy from? He says from the Sun.

Here we are in the month of August and Saraswathie is up to tricks again. She has no fear. She is leading the kind of life she wants.Her famous saying is"why should I fear when I know that I have you God".

Santhan has made a tremendous difference in our lives.He does that to whoever he meets.Thank you God for a wonderful son.

Diviah Naidoo

{P.S.the letters from God to Saraswathie are long.Should anyone be interested in reading them,they can be emailed to their addreses}

Dear dear Diviah,

How proud I am too of Santhan and of his father and mother as well. How touched I am by what you have written, such a beautiful testament to your son and to God. Gratitude is a beautiful thing. Toward one's son, why, Diviah, that is magnificent -- divine.

I do not have the words to tell you of the power of what you have written, all that it evokes, and the bells it rings in Heaven.

There would not even be this beautiful site if it were not for your son. At his young age, he has become a father to Heavenletters and an older brother to me, although I have many more revolutions of the sun than he. At first when he came to Heavenletters, I did not know who he was, and now I begin to know.

I am so grateful to you and your beautiful wife Saraswathie and to God for the gift that has been bestowed upon us all through the birth of your son. Saras must be the blessed of all women.

I would love to see the Godwriting you mention! I have forgotten all about it. Will you kindly send it to me? Perhaps we can have a blog entry about it.

There is a blog about Santhan called Namaste, Santhan. Perhaps it is time for Nmaste, Santhan II.

With high regard and all blessings to you and Saras and Santhan and your whole family and to all the beautiful people who read this blog, I thank God.

With love,


Dear Mr. Naidoo, Your letter thanking God for your dear son Santhan touches my heart. Many of us who read Heavenletters have already been thanking God for Santhan's generous help with Heavenletters. He has been the one who helps us when for some reason the Heavenletters fail to arrive, as well as doing many other things behind the scenes, of course. How wonderful it is that he is also such a loving son of you and your wife, a son who helps even his father and mother be more aware of God's love. Across the miles, I send you blessings and I thank God for you and your wife, as well as for your son.

My Dear Saraswathie and Diviah, how beautiful that your son Santhan is such an inspiration to you both and that you show gratitude is just so wonderful!! You've been great role models congratulations!! Thank you for being such lovely parents.

I thank God too for sending Santhan to Gloria and Heavenletters, Heavenletters is such a blessing for all who reads them. I would love to read the letters from God to Saraswathie.

God bless you both and Santhan

I thought that nothing could surprise me again in the Heavenletters website and this blog, but I was wrong. The ways of God are infinite. It's wonderful that a relationship like Santhan's with his parents can exist between parents and a son, that the parents are willing to listen to the son and follow his advice and be grateful for it. I just came back from a big family gathering and I saw a different picture: parents trying to control their children or even being afraid of their grown up sons. I personally am trying to let my son live his own life, eventhough he seems to be taking steps that do not seem right in my eyes. But God knows what I need and lead me to translate Heavenletter #2036 'Save Your Breath'. Hah!
I would so love to read the letters God sent to Saraswathie and I'd also like so much to know how Santhan got to be who he is.
You all have such wonderful names as well.
May God bless you all as He has blessed us with your presence.

This morning while walking barefeet on the beach,it suddenly occurred to me how fortunate I have been throughout my life.I have selfishly been looking everywhere for a better life when everything I reqiured was right there with me all the time-my family.My adorable wife Saraswathie and mischievous sons Santhan and Daryl.
The joy I felt resulted in me unconsciously talking loudly and clearly to myself.Tears were uncontrollably streaming down my face.
I felt the urge to express my joy and this I thought would be the appropriate way.
To dear Paula- you are doing the correct thing.To no ones surprise your son will find the correct path.
And to everyone I love you all.Enjoy every moment of this wondeful day.

Dear Diviah,

What a beautiful life you lead. Walking on the beach. Your true appreciation for all that you already have. You share great joie de vivre, dear friend.

Are you also familiar with the Heavenletters Community Forum?

There is place on the forum to tell us, for instance, about your spiritual journey, miracles in your life, books and movies that have meant something to you -- and more. There are also Heavenletters in nine different languages. You certainly are invited to share your insights on the forum as well as here.

God bless you! And say hello to your divine son who makes so much possible for Heavenletters.

With love and blessings,


Dear Diviah,
thankyou for opening your heart to all of us in this beautiful manner. Your experience touched something in my heart and I saw love spreading all around the world this way.
I love you, too.

Very Touching Story indeed.Santhan is
really a HERO at such a Young age.
It was heart-warming to read the Gratitude
Letter from Father to Santhan-
What a Beautiful World we live in:)

Thanks Gloria and all of you,

I felt deeply touched to read the changes that can happen and what you people share here. Our experiences of God are multiple und must not be judged in the range of good or bad. Everything that we experience is another aspect of god.

I am glad that the letter I read in answer to Swaraswathie, just told me what I wish to believe. No matter what we chose, it will always be for our best and we lose fear to take a wrong decision or to think that we took a wrong decision. When we understand that life is indeed the best that happens to us, we can be grateful for everything. Great to experience family relationship so truly and lovingly - what a blessing can a cancer be..!

I wish you all love and peace

happy to have met you
a friend from Switzerland

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