Beloved Xena


Lauren took some photos of Xena so you can get an idea of how precious she is, and, sadly, still so scared.

Lauren did report a one-time breakthrough. Xena went to the door herself to show she wanted to go out. This was a huge step for Xena, to leave the safety of her cave on the couch.

Xena really shows me how relative everything in the world is. It is a cause for celebration with Xena that she went to the door herself.

When Lauren's cat, Teeny-Weeny is over my house, and she asks for the fifth time to go out (and doesn't) I am not so well-pleased.

Yesterday Lauren had some wonderful scraps to give Xena. Xena could smell them. Then, frightened, as if Lauren would be perpetrating some kind of trick, Xena snuggled even closer under her couch cushion. We should have known. She will only eat when no one is there to see.

Meanwhile, today (Sunday), Yael who used to give Xena special attention at Noah's Ark, and Nafi, Yael's own dog, are coming over to see Xena. She has always been happy to see them. Yael said it took months before Xena could warm up to her.

Hmm, Lauren, I wonder if you have to get another dog to befriend Xena. Does she have more faith in dogs than she does in people?

picture of xena the healing puppy

xena the puppy


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"Does she have more faith in dogs than she does in people?"

I certainly do.

But I'm working on it.

Charles, I totally join you !!!!

So sweet these pics !!!!!

Much love to Xena ♥

Hi . i think your dog needs one dose of a remedy called aconite. i think it will relieve her fear. thanks krista

Beloved Krista,

Thank you so much for your suggestion. Monday my daughter will go to Thymely Solutions here and get some for dear Xenia.

Will let you know.

Meanwhile, today's blog entry has a little more about Xena.

Again, thank you for your kindness.

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