Berit's feedback on Turin Godwriting workshop

Here is my feedback for the workshop in Turin:It is difficult to describe such an amazing experience, a miracle that came true in such a short time. I'd say the Godwriting workshop was like meeting God Himself. God came to the workshop and that was an overwhelming feeling in my heart. The wonderful picture of Jesus was kind of "visiting card" maybe.

I couldn't tell when the light came up really, I think it felt just so natural at a certain moment that I simply took it for natural. I feel so at home and so happy about this new connection, it is indeed the Kingdom within, it God's Grace.

The wonderful harmony and love, the Oneness is I think what really stood out for me. Wonderful hearts and all were open to share and give.

I wouldn't have missed Gloria's love and gentleness and sweetest voice, delicate like a silver bell, her many stories and many wonderful quotes from Heavenletters. I was speechless at their beauty.

In Santhan's beautiful eyes of love, I saw God, I saw Oceans of Love and time stood still. Sweetest Santhan shines love on all so gently.

I loved doing the exercises and music. The breathing exercises really touched my heart and whole being.

I'd love to have had more stories from Gloria and stories from Santhan. more sharing of Godwritings, more time to be together. I think it could have been a week retreat !

The group is of utmost importance, it was wonderful. All Godwritings were amazing and each question and answer touched my heart and were also part of me. All Godwritings are pertinent to all children of God. In each one we can find ourselves, answers to questions we even forgot maybe. Many times we feel lonely with our uneasiness or problem, we think we are the only one to have such thoughts or doubts or uneasiness and when we share and meet others hearts we see how we are ONE LOVE, how many other hearts share our selfsame thoughts and doubts and fears. It was a wonderful experience.

I feel like my connection to God had been cleaned, purified and intensified. it is difficult to describe it in words. I feel closer to God, so much closer. I feel I have met God in new and different way in this workshop.

I'd like say THANK YOU FOR COMING TO TURIN DEAREST GLORIA AND DEAREST SANTHAN !!!!!  I think of a world where all relationships are so authentic and open as we experienced !!!! I can see such a world and it feels so good.

Pls feel free to use my comments on the website, Godwriting blog or book or any other way.

Loving you always



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Thank You Berit. Soooo!!!! beautiful and deep. Yes Love is the most amazing feeling there is and you expressed it so well. Stay with GOD and be Happy Love Jack

Dear beloved angel your feed back perfectly depicts what came out from your eyes and heart during the workshop. Thanks for all! Kisses!

Dearest Berit, how beautiful and uplifting to read your feedback. Like Gloria, you put me right there with you and allowed me to feel your experience of love and light. Big HUGS--Pam

my dear, what could I say more than Andrea? His words are exactly what I feel!
You are so lovely

Dear Heavenangels,
you know, I still can't believe that it happened, such a wonderful weekend, beautiful and open and gentle and loving hearts all coming together for two days, two days that will forever be imprinted in my heart and being.
Loving you all and be so happy to have found this amazing Heavenfamily.

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