Breakthroughs in Last Godwriting Workshop

It is a beautiful thing to sit with people eager to Godwrite and then see them do it, and so easily, as if they had been doing it all their lives. You may be sure I know how lucky I am to be in this fortunate position of giving Godwriting workshops.I’d like to share here some of the comments from the participant evaluations from the last Godwriting workshop, the one that took place in Fairfield at Revelations Bookstore. Their comments tell the whole story, and yet, naturally, I will add my two cents’ worth -- this is, after all, my blog!

“I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it at first. Then it just came so easily."

At the beginning of every workshop, I ask who is sure that they will be able to Godwrite. So far, no one has raised their hand. I do know a few people who have been certain they could not Godwrite, but all the doubts in the world don’t matter. Godwriting has to be easy, or it wouldn’t be Godwriting. Godwriting is easier than any other kind of writing. By far. No thinking, no revising, just what comes.

“Probably setting the intention to Godwrite is the key."

Yes, intention. I think it’s like when you are thinking of buying a new car. And finally you decide on the make and color you want. Then suddenly you start to see more of that make and color than ever before! And so when you desire and intend and commit to learning to Godwrite, there is more coherence created, and there you are.

I also happen to think that whoever comes to a Godwriting workshop is ready, or they wouldn’t come. I think this is true no matter what their reason is for coming and how they got here.

As an example, at one workshop in Pennsylvania, a participant roped her boyfriend into coming. She stopped by his house to pick him up. She said, “I’m taking you with me." He said, “Where are we going?" She said, “Never mind, just come with me."

Can’t you just picture his face when he found out what kind of a workshop he was taking! Nevertheless, he wound up Godwriting right along with the best of them.

“The light went on as the writing impulse came – from nowhere and from everywhere, and it was effortless."

Oh, yes, that’s how it is.

“The key for me is that the learning…the preparing… is a direct transfer from the teacher, not a set of instructions. The joy of the teacher was part of the facilitation of the transfer of knowledge."

What a lovely thing for a course participant to have written. She makes the essential point that there is no set of instructions. How could there be a 1, 2, 3? This is Godwriting. This is from God. It can’t be taught. It can’t be linear. I don’t know how Godwriting happens. I think consciousness happens.

The participant is also correct that the joy of the teacher plays a part. There is, however, no direct transfer of knowledge from the teacher. The only transfer of knowledge is from God.

I give myself credit for creating a climate conducive to Godwriting. I am extremely enthusiastic about Godwriting, and joy is contagious, but I can hardly take credit for Godwriting being so enjoyable. I do give myself full credit for going on and on to the point where everyone’s mouth is watering to Godwrite (and everyone is wishing I would be quiet for a while and let them get on with it!) But the only explanation I can have for the success of the workshops is that God comes in and makes it happen.

“The group itself was important in making the workshop so special and successful. We all had such sincere desire to connect with God. Reading our Godwriting out loud to each other was crucial."

“I learned that all Godwriting is equally important and valuable. I was moved by what others wrote."

“This was a great gathering of souls."

There is something about when we are gathered for a common purpose with all our hearts and soul, magic happens. It is bound to happen. There is something else too. When we write to God, we become basic. The way I see it, we can only speak Truth to God. We simply say what we feel without any covering. There is no need to pretty ourselves up for God, and, besides, I believe we are unable to masquerade when it’s God we’re talking to. Through this simple openness with God, we become mellow, and then, all mellow, who wants to make the effort of putting defenses back on?

And so, in the group, we reveal to each other more of the simple innocence that we really are. As I think about it, what I think happens in this state of openness to God, is that we lose our ability to judge. We lose it without awareness that that is what’s happening. No one was thinking: I will not judge anyone or anything for these two afternoons. It’s just that no one felt their questions were bigger or more important than anyone else’s. No one thought anyone’s questions were less. Everyone’s situation mattered. I think it’s safe to say that at this Godwriting workshop, we clearly experienced more Oneness.

“What stood out most was the answer God gave me. It has transformed my life. I now view Godwriting, not as an end in itself, but as an instrument God is using to help me be free."

This comment was very insightful for me. I had not quite understood this. Like Godwriting itself, this comment expanded my understanding.

Sometimes God’s answers are surprising, revolutionary even, quite the opposite from what we had always thought. So sometimes a breakthrough is very dramatic, and sometimes our eyes open little by little. But no matter how fast or gradual, when our understanding changes, we are changed, and what can our lives do but change with us?

The participant who wrote the comment above has given a great marketing key to drawing people to the Godwriting workshops. Transformation is a bonus to Godwriting, and it is an inevitable bonus. Thank God.

I think there is another side to it, however. The gentleman who wrote that comment didn’t come to the workshop expecting a transformation. I kinda think that transformation has to come as a surprise. Even though it’s inevitable, I suspect that transformation is greater when we’re not looking for it.

My personal purpose in Godwriting seems to be to get closer to God. This is not a decision I made. This is what I observe. God holds this irresistible attraction. I suppose I can say God triggers my devotion. I would choose to become closer to God, yet I cannot say this was a choice I did make. It’s more like something that happened to me. I’m glad, I’m grateful. To be intimate with God is all I seem to really want right now, well, and to expedite Heavenletters.

And that being said, I am also overjoyed that my whole life has changed and in such marvelous unpredicted ways. Such as having a blog and having it read by God-oriented people like you.

Tomorrow or the next day: samples of first Godwritings from this last workshop


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I feel the joy--and share it--as I read this blog. It sounds to me like the Godwriting workshop experience is a taste of life in God's realm while participants still have their feet on earth. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs, Gloria.

What a treasure to stumble upon! The Heart being expressed is felt immediately. When the Heart is expressed in such clarity, the reader is lifted up. This is the real game of tag or pass the flame. One Heart igniting One Heart.

Last night I read a HeavenLetter #29, What else can a star do but shine? I usually open up the book HeavenLetters, Love Letters from God and read what appears. Here is a quote that struck home...

"You are a lighter of hearts. Your heart is lit, and now you share your light"

One, I have the feeling that by reading your comments alone, one could become enlightened!
And, Margaret, your words about the Godwriting workshop help me to see them in a new light.

Thank you both so much.

With love and blessings,


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