Chameleons crossing

Chameleons crossing

That’s a road sign in South Africa! Can you believe it? Chameleons crossing!

Here’s another:

Watch out for Mongoose and Monkeys!

The monkeys I have seen here are gray monkeys. They are Vervet monkeys.


I had a scare at the beach house. Aughh. Can you imagine walking into your bedroom and finding thieves there?

Innocently, I walked into my room, and there was a monkey there! There may have been two. I think they work in pairs, but they move so fast. Things were knocked down, and later Heaven Admin found a plastic bag of my vitamins outside.

In the kitchen, monkeys took a bag of apricots and left one half eaten apricot on the counter.

Since then, we don’t leave the windows and doors wide open unless we're right there and vigilant. And the beautiful fruit on the counter, now Heaven Admin covers it with a towel.


As a side note, Heaven Admin pointed out to me how the monkey mothers carry their babies. Actually, the mothers, who must be free to move, do not hold their babies. Rather, the baby monkeys hold on to their mothers! The baby monkeys, one at a time, lie face up under the mother’s stomach, and, with their little arms and legs, they cling to the mother.

How strong are the instincts the babies and their mothers have. How perfectly in tune. It is miraculous, isn’t it?


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I want a monkey, even though they are thieves. You must have been so surprised!

Teeny would love a monkey brother or sister.

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