Continued Saga of the Umbrella Clothesline

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Sad to say, if I really stopped complaining, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left for me to say on this blog!


Maybe I am really attached to the past, things that work properly and have been well-built i.e. my good Cannon printer and now my old clothesline that swung around into duty and gave loyal service for fifteen or so years. No complaints about these two loyal friends.

Today I discuss my new umbrella clothesline. I must say it is a wonderful thing hanging clothes outside in the fresh air and sunshine. How energy efficient. Just takes a little of my energy. Gets me outside to hear the birds singing when otherwise I might not get to. Hanging clothes out is, all in all, a beautiful experience.

Throwing clothes in the dryer is not the same. Sure, it’s easy, but there’s just a bunch of clothes all wadded up and tossed wet into the dryer and tossed dry somewhere else such as the couch to later be sorted out and stuck in a drawer.

When I hang clothes outside, I see everything I’ve got, and I give each item my personal attention. I straighten out each piece, and I turn sleeves right side out. I take a good look at each article and hang it up neatly. In other words, I give my clothes some respect.

And when my clothes are dried by the sun and fresh air – I love that feeling of suspense to see if they are, indeed, dry yet – and, when they are, I then take the clothes off the line, and they smell so good. Then I fold each piece nicely, put it in the laundry basket, and when finished, I put the clothespins back in their little bag for the next time.

Now I will be blunt. Menards should be ashamed for selling this cheap umbrella clothesline, and the manufacturer should hide before acknowledging they made this particular umbrella clothesline and put their name on it. Let me make clear than Menards had only this one model. I will never trust Menards again.

This new umbrella clothes energy-saving dryer is like a toy. Honestly, I could have made one just about as strong myself with twigs.

This new one came with a guarantee of one year. If it falls down on the job during this year, so long as I pack it and send it to back to the manufacturer postage prepaid – you try to fold one of those things back, and prepaid postage will undoubtedly cost more than the cost of dryer in the first place – the manufacturer will fix any defect without charge so long as they determine it wasn’t my fault it broke – the Good Samaritans they are – then they will fix it without charge.

If I didn’t have to drive sixty miles round-trip to return this unfortunate umbrella dryer, and if I weren’t so anxious to hang clothes out in the sun right away, you may be sure I would have marched down to Menards and returned the umbrella dryer summarily – and given them a piece of my mind at no charge at the same time.

And, soon enough, the new umbrella dryer did collapse.

The pictured collapsed dryer is of a long-lasting one that did give good service for many years. I took the photo from an earlier blog:

To my dear good strong intelligent deceased umbrella dryer who gave loyal service for so many years, I salute you, bid you farewell, and apologize with all my heart for putting you out on the curb for trash pick-up. It doesn’t seem right. Perdóneme.

P.S. Because of Keith Wilson's reply below, I am adding a photo of his umbrella dryer which is made to last. It is not Heaven's policy to advertise anything, but, Keith wrote here and he read this blog entry -- he didn't spam. He was a real live sincere writer. So I make this exception because I want to, and am adding a photo of his company's Sunshine dryer which is clearly made to last:


See Keith's comment below:


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re: "Sad to say, if I really stopped complaining, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left for me to say on this blog!" Oh, I think it is possible you would never run out of things to say even if you decided not to complain ever again, Gloria! Complaining is certainly a habit a lot of us have. It's a form of amusement for us. I am thinking I would like to have a new habit of just appreciating, or rejoicing, or thanking, or praising, or celebrating. Then I worry, won't lots of people think I am really peculiar, or maybe even "fake"? But, would what they thought matter? Jack Raders is a model for me on not being critical, and at the same time often being entertaining, uplifting, making me smile. Thank you, Jack. And thank you, too, Gloria, for being just exactly who you are and sharing both your dear self and God with us so generously.

Dear Jack van Raders, I apologize for leaving out part of your name! Blessings, Margaret

Beloved Margaret,

Perhaps I am too much of a fiction reader. There always has to be the villain and the heroine!

I suppose I could have written simply about the joy of hanging clothes out.

Well, I will try to keep posting and without any negativity. We'll see how far I get!

Thanks for the encouragement, dear one.

This entry reminded me of how much I love Google! When I need something, as you needed your new clothesline, I research it first on Google. Mostly, you can find out where the item is sold close by, and if it is too far to drive, you can have it shipped to you directly for less than the price of gas. And the best part is, you can compare and get ratings from other customers. In this instance you perhaps can go online and rate this item as completely not worth purchasing,so that the next person who needs the clothes dryer you had initially doesn't make the same mistake. And you will also find the proper one, and be able to purchase it. I had one in my yard which was "planted" with concrete -- when we had the yard sodded it had to be dug up, by my, it was sturdy! They ARE still available, and Google will tell you where.

Oh, Carol, I'm so glad you told me this. I do need to think ahead. What you have written needs to be published everywhere!

Thank you so much!

Gloria the things you said about the wonderful experiences you have when going outside and hanging up your closes to dry more than make up for the comparisons you made about services and Qualities of to days against old times Qualities. If you tell the truth, which you did, I do not see that as negativity. Looking up on Google and make comparisons fine for next time but for now hindsight is 20/20. Enjoy the outdoor live and your umbrella dryer you can buy again when you settled in South America. Love you ALL Jack

Dear Gloria Wendroff;
After reading your article I wanted to let you know that there still is a US manufacturer (us) that makes a DURABLE and large umbrella clothesline. We are very proud to be making what we believe is the original umbrella style clothesline, patented in the US in Dec. 1915, patent no. 1,163,639 by Joseph Clay, Cedar Falls IA. If you wish to contact me I’ll tell you why it is still selling and is so long-lasting.
Keith Wilson, G&G Industries Parkersburg IA 800-998-2423

Dear Keith, I love that you didn't reinvent the wheel. I love that you wrote in person, read the blog, and care about the integrity of your product.

We have a policy not to ever advertise anything. I am making an exception here.

I just moved from the house, am living temporarily at a friend's house, and will eventually be moving to Argentina -- otherwise I would definitely want your dryer.

How did you find us anyway?

I often browse the internet to see what people are writing about clotheslines and to see the competition for our Sunshine Clothes Dryer. In order to provide a better product for our customers I want to stay up the industry.
Keith Wilson

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