Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,

I was diagnosed with fibroids. I had to undergo a hysterectomy. Thank You for being there during this process. I prayed to You and Your 3 children, Lord Kriya Babaji, Lord Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Lord Christ before my operation and after my operation and during the times of severe pains. You have always been there to help me overcome this. During the healing, everyday when I get up, I always pray to you and it has been answered. I also like to thank you for being blessed with a son that has lead to the path of Gods direction.

I have been asked to go for chemotherapy to cure the cancer I have been diagnosed with. It is called Oavrian sarcoma, stage 4 with metastasis to other organs. I was told it is a very fast growing cancer. The advice was given by the oncologist that I have to have 6 months chemotherapy. There are many side effects in these drugs. My faith in You is giving me the confidence and courage to go through this treatment, praying and hoping that these side effects don't affect me. My faith is so strong in You, I know that I will get better within 3 months. I will not need the 6 months.

On the other hand, my son who has very high faith in God and belief, advises me that chemo is uncesesary and that the alternate approach of healing is sufficient. However he is also prepared to stand by me during chemo and help with the proper complimentary diet/spiritual/emotional healing that will assist me in my recovery if I go for chemo.

I would like advice from you. Your advice will mean everything to me. Having you by my side and my son as an angel by my side, should I go through the chemo or alternative healing? My aim is that as soon as I get better I would like to help other people with the same problem to have faith in God and I will also like to do God's work. I want to heal this body to go around doing Your work.

Thank You God. I know I will get advice from You.

Your child,

Saraswathie Naidoo

God to Saraswatie Naidoo:

My most beloved daughter Saraswathie, queen of My heart, angel of life, giver of goodness, blessed mother of angel son, this is not a matter of life or death. This is not crucial whether your body continues or stops. Beautiful soul, whether housed in a body or free in Heaven, you are My blessed daughter, and you serve Me no matter. You have always served Me. In what form you continue is incidental. What you and I are to each other is far beyond the physical.

The outcome of your life on Earth is life. Whatever occurs, your destiny is life. Whether you do chemo or do not do chemo, your true existence is assured. Should you choose the pink wallpaper or the blue wallpaper? That is your question, My beloved, and I am not practiced in giving such answers. And when I see the answer you will choose, I bless you, and yet I do not make the decision for you. Do not think I am withholding from you. This is Our contract, beloved. In the giving of free will, I also gave you My silence. I do not tell you Yes or No except in the silence of your heart.

All the logic in the world cannot make the decision for you. Adding up numbers does not make the decision. Doctor’s advice does not. Your son wisely knows that the decision is yours. And you make your decision from deep within your heart, even knowing that you would like Me to decide for you.

My beloved Saraswatie, it doesn’t matter whether you choose pink or blue. It doesn’t matter if you go right or left. It doesn’t matter whether you choose chemo or not. It doesn’t matter if you bet on the horse named chemo or the one named nutrition and faith or if you bet on both horses at once. Know that your prayers are answered regardless of what happens to your body. Everlasting life is assured.

Your choice depends upon how you feel with it. Whatever choice you make, it is the right decision. And you are the one who has to make it. Like your son, I am with you all the way.

And so you make a decision.

Your real question is whether your body will get past this diagnosis imposed on it, or whether your body will surrender the named illness given to it. Take a step at a time, beloved. You do not have to offer Me anything. However you serve, you serve Me. And you have served Me well. If you spend your life having a good time, that’s fine with Me. You bore a son who is a great contribution to the Universe. I do not ask for more. You can give more, but know you are not obliged. You are not to pay Me for life received. There are no debts. If debts there were, they have all been cleared. We are free love, My beautiful Saraswatie.

It is a choice also to let go of your vested interest in your body. This is a choice also, to be attached to the fruit of an action, My most beloved, or unattached. Trust in Me for the outcome whether it is the outcome you prefer or not. My love you have regardless of anything. My love is not dependent upon what you do or don’t, or what you decide or not.

The play enacted in the world is all important to you and all who love you. Blessed are you who are so loved.

You and your loved ones have great desire and determination that your body continue in the world of Earth. Powerful are your thoughts. Powerful are your emotions. Powerful is your will. And powerful is Mine. And merciful am I.

I will great joy for you. Pick it up, beloved. Whether you have two more years of physical life or fifty, you will have years of great joy. Have you not decided that along with Me?

Put your beautiful hands over your heart now. We pledge Our love. Take that love and place it over your abdomen, and let the love enter and dispel all doubt. Our love is clear and true, and love can do anything, and love can do everything.

All is well. I bless you with My love, and I accept yours. Angels in Heaven are dancing in joy for your recovery.

And the stars bow down to you as I embrace you.

You are blessed.

Ask Me all the questions you want. Heaven is always open.

Namaste, My beautiful daughter. Namaste.

Note from Gloria: To read about the outcome, please See Diviah's comment under Beautiful People in this blog.


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How can I awnser to That. Does not Love awser itself,be assured that my thought energy are with you Love Jack

Saraswatie's question and God's answer are both so beautiful. I lead a blessed existence being in contact with such great souls.

Thank you for sharing this with Heavenreaders.

God bless you.

With love,


Jack is right, there are no words that could ever comment on this. The question and the answer form a circle of Love that is complete to itself. There's nothing else to say, for everyone who reads this with an open heart is already included in this circle.

This wonderful God of ours is the God I always dreamed of having. His Words break up all the ancient stones in my heart and turn them into magical Stardust. As I have experienced in the Heavenletters, the Godwriting is also not just for one person, it is for all of us. Not one person is excluded. I feel as if when God speaks I am connected with all mankind and my love encompasses the whole of creation. Thank you Saraswathie and bless you for sharing. With love, David

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