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Do you know that someone from India subscribes to the French translations that Christine Duirat and Annie-Claude of France translate for us? And do you know that someone from Hong Kong has been promoting the French translations on her Facebook page?  What are the odds  -- a subscriber to French Heavenletters™ from India!  A  benefactor of the French translations from Hong Kong!

I don't think of this as example of a Small World. I think of it more as an example of One Great Big World Coming Closer Together. Yes, One World. Isn't it closer now? Certainly,  the existence of the internet plays a key part in this, and yet it must really be our consciousness that does it.  (See Map of Consciousness on Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum )

The someone from Hong Kong who is spreading French Heavenletters like wildfire on her Facebook page is Anne-Marie Mueller Walthers. Anne-Marie couldn't  be doing all she is doing if it were not for the infinite flow of translations that the French team gives us.

On Anne-Marie's site, she called Heavenletters Lettres du Paradis. Very beautiful,  yet I have always had the idea that Heavenletters have to be Heavenletters everywhere.

I love it that Anne-Marie is up front. Here is what Anne-Marie posted on her site recently and my response:

Dearest Gloria,

Thinking more about "Heavenletters", I would like to share with you that for anyone having some English knowledge, the term "Heavenletter" is very clear but for others it might be a word not all speaking to them :( It's a pity because in their own languages they may feel touched ...

Conversations with God has been translated into 37 idiomas with its title adapted.

These are reflexions from a Swiss French speaking's native living in HK/China where millions speak Cantonese and Mandarin ...

Also Arab countries I believe would benefit largely from your messages if translated into their own idioms.

Probably through Facebook (now also translated into many languages) you'll find new ways of spreading the Divine Light all over our wonderful planet.

Very best wishes

cordially from


To Anne-Marie from Gloria:

Beloved Anne-Marie, oh, yes, I understand the important point you make. You are right. And I love that you care so much that you come right out and say what you feel. Much appreciated.

It's fine to put Lettres du Paradis somewhere AFTER Heavenletters(tm), perhaps in parentheses! Or whatever the translation in any language would be! Yet Heavenletters(tm) are Heavenletters and have to keep their name -- the idea being one name worldwide -- Heavenletters.

When we maintain the name Heavenletters, soon enough Heavenletters will have instant name recognition. Everyone throughout the world will know that Heavenletters are loving messages from on high.

Then it will be the same with Heavenletters as it is with Coca-Cola. Everyone knows Coca-Cola is a drink. Then, soon enough, angel, everyone will just know what Heavenletters are without explanation.

Also, please know that Lettres du Paradis sounds so beautiful! If I had been born in France and grew up with the French language, Heavenletters would be Lettres du Paradis!

I am asking myself why Heavenletters must stay Heavenletters when Conversations with God do not.

There is a new Heavenletter every single day. For eleven years. So, Heavenletters are ongoing. Every Heavenletter is a Heavenletter! Heavenletters are like leaves that fall from one tree.

Every page in Neale's book doesn't have its own name.

Although several of Neale Donald Walsch's books are called Conversations with God, many of his books have different names. This is the decision Neale made, or it just happened, I don't know.

From the beginning, I just felt that Heavenletters were to keep their name Heavenletters. This was all feeling, dear one. And I still feel this.

I am grateful to Neale Donald Walsch. He paved the way. He marvelously made spiritual writing mainstream.

Please know how grateful I am to you, Anne-Marie, for sharing Heavenletters. This is a great gift you give. God bless you.

Please ask us anything.

With love and blessings,


When you go to Anne-Marie's facebook page, you will see how well she incorporated the French translation Lettres du Paradis. 

Dear Everyone, Heavenletters come from God. I type them up. Subscribers do the rest. One way or another, the subscribers that come to Heavenletters have come from Heavenreaders who share with their friends. You create the links to the world.

I love open discussions.  By all means, share your thoughts and ideas here on this blog or on the forum or on your blogs and forums. Who knows ahead of time how one idea sparks another.

Here's an example:

For years Bernie Siegel suggested a Heaven Calendar book.  It took me a while to hear, but finally we have the Calendar Book -- Heaven Sutras. Many of the selected quotations came from Heavenreaders. Heaven Admin did all the heavy-duty work on Heaven Sutras.  Recently Mary Hession made a YouTube presentation from the Heaven Sutras and had other ideas for expansion for us. And so it goes.

What is next?

And so I say to you as I did Anne-Marie, please ask us anything.


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Thinking more about it ... I feel that may be presenting the Heavenletters' translations this way would be quite attractive

Heavenletters (TM) French ~ "Lettres du Paradis"
Heavenletters (TM) German ~ Briefe vom Paradies"

then also for China or Japan or Arabic countries or India or Israel, etc. in different scriptures (computers can do this)
also within the URL leading to the translations
like i.e.

As I've friends from many different countries, if you wish so dearest Gloria I could ask them to translate the name "Heavenletters" in their own idioms and scriptures ...

Kindest regards

Dearest Gloria, if the world's leaders could learn diplomacy from you, we'd have worldwide peace.

Pam, you made me laugh! And you've made me think what diplomacy really is. It has to be appreciation, appreciation for the person and appreciation for their point of view. It has to be a true thing, not just a form, it seems to me.

In this case, here is Anne-Marie caring about Heavenletters and caring so much. I want to listen to her. I am pretty unshakable on some things, but, by golly, I'm going to be open.

AM, I'll get back to you as soon as I can! And I thank you so much.

Dear friends,

when I see someone whose relationship to anything is full of feelings, full of unchangeable feelings along with it - I get quiet, I become a listener and a follower, I become a receiver.

Gloria's picture is clear.

Some weeks ago I re-adjusted the title of each translated Heavenletter in, for instance, "Heavenletters Himmelsbriefe #2222 - 24.12.2007 - Heiligabend" at our website

Yesterday I discovered, there are some more items which can be changed into (English) 'Heavenletters', items, which are relevant for search engines.

I am testing Google regularly, whether they find, searching for the word "Heavenletters", some items translated into German, some items at Google finds us, since some weeks they are finding us.

So, the machines are prepared to find us. In consequence, it is up to us being prepared to be found.


Beloved Theophil, thank you for all that you do. You translate many Heavenletters a day and you watch out for them as well. God bless you a million times over.

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