Effendi in Fairfield

Oh, my heart!

I am writing this blog entry on Wednesday. Yesterday I met with Effendi.

First, I went over to the Sufi Center here in the afternoon to drop off some of my stuff for Sule at the Sufi House. This lovely Sufi group recently acquired a second house in Fairfield and can use most everything I have to give. That makes me feel very good.

You may remember that in an earlier blog about my gratitude to Effendi, I mentioned giving something wonderful to the Sufi House. Only I don't have the most beautiful things left. But to my joy, I have lots of useful things left, and my heart beats with happiness that there are many articles to give from me and from Lauren. Vases, a Rowena iron and ironing board (hardly used), Lauren's sectional, a sofa table, a great computer desk of Lauren's, the comfy desk chair, my giant desk/table that Lauren and I had made to feng shui specifications, lamps, fans, kerosene heaters, my not fancy platform bed with foam, etc. etc.

When I went to the Sufi House in the afternoon, I was so focused on boxes of dishes etc. that I hadn't even noticed Effendi at the kitchen table! But he noticed me, got up, hugged me, invited me to stay and also invited me to come over that night.  I didn't stay, but I did go over that night.

It was the Sufi House in Istanbul all over again. The couple who had come to my moving sale and who had amazingly met me at the Istanbul airport were there! Some of the people from Istanbul whom I had met at the Istanbul Sufi House were also there. People I had met in Fairfield maybe twenty years ago were there. Sule was there. And Effendi was there.

Who was I? Where was I? Geographical and time boundaries simply faded. Who I was and where I was just kinda disappeared. Of course, I knew I was Gloria but it was hard to connect to her.

I went over at about 7:45. I didn't know it would be supper. But supper it was. A delicious soup. Sooo delicious. Fabulous salad and rice and lentils with flavor supreme.  Later gorgeous peach and pecan pies were served in the meeting room. I abstained from pie, but I've got to tell you that the food alone establishes that you are clearly in Heaven.

Just as in Istanbul, Effendi had me sit on his right. Oh boy, do I love being honored and sitting on his right. And again he served me food, put it on my plate. Later -- HAHA -- I put yogurt on his plate.

Effendi thinks of everything and everyone. He doesn't miss a trick.  If you want to feel loved, be in Effendi's company.

Of course, he asked about Heaven Admin whom he knows as Santhan. Back in the Istanbul Sufi House, when the subject of Santhan had come up, I had commented on Santhan's purity. At that time, Effendi had said: "It's obvious."

So in the Fairfield Sufi House, when Effendi and others were talking about Santhan's purity, smart aleck that I am, I said to Effendi: "It's obvious."

When I was leaving, Effendi told me that when I came back to visit in Fairfield, I was to stay upstairs at the Sufi House. Wherever there was a Sufi House, I was welcome. I should know that I am part of his family. This touches me very much.

Effendi is a simple man who enjoys, and he carries all the Sufi knowledge in his heart. As best as I can tell, Sufi knowledge is love. Of course, Sufi knowledge is wise as well. But it is the love that gets to me. Not only Effendi's love, but the love of everyone there. Like when I was leaving, one of the ladies from Istanbul pulled up a chair for me to sit on while I tied my shoes. I tell you, being with Sufis is like having a genie -- only all your needs are anticipated, and you don't have to rub a lamp or ask for anything.

Without Effendi, would all this love be there? Would the marvelous people who surround him be so serving if they had not had the good fortune to meet him?

And then, today's Heavenletter is What Made the Great Ones Great.  http://www.heavenletters.org/what-made-the-great-ones-great.html and I recognize emanating from Effendi the same love the Great Ones had for all.


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Oh Gloria, you have brought my heart high! What marvellous is know there are people like these! The world enjoy for them. And me too.

No words but only tears from the hearth can explain what I feel after reading this entry. Thanks Gloria and much gratitude also to Effendi. Andrea

What a beautiful way to peace ... so uplifting, joyful, heart lifting ... such company you keep, dearest Gloria.

Such company I keep indeed! Don't forget the company I keep with all of you.

Oh, Gloria, Gloria, Gloria!!!!... I loved this post… I have your voice in my ears… and I read it as if your were whispering it to ears… why am I here?... in front of my computer? Wasn't I supposed to rest?…

I want to feel loved… !!!!!!!!!!

I love the way you write…

Big Hug to you… Mother Heaven!

Beloved Gloria,

I have no words for the beauty of this post, most gentle and sweet love. How I'd love to meet Effendi and say "Thank you!". And how I thank you for sharing these holy moments with us.
I do love you, so much, and all Heavenangels !!!!

Dear Gloria, You keep writing more about him and I love to see him in Istanbul :) How could I contact him?

Please email your email address to me. gloria (at) heavenletters (dot) org. You will be happy to meet Effendi. Remember he's here until mid-November. Lucky us!

ARZUHAN, I owe you a thousand apologies. My head hasn't been all the way on! You are Arzuhan who took the workshop in Istanbul! Of course, I know you. You were a star. You touched my heart very much. I am so sorry I haven't been awake. Yes, we will connect you with the Sufi House in Istanbul. And thank you for reading the blog!

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Thank you for coming and taking me closer to Him :)

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