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Dear Gloria, follows the feedback for the workshop as you requested. A big hug to you & Santhan!

My experience with Godwriting has been quite interesting because I had thought that some kind of preparationwas needed to perform it. But I was completely wrong :)! In these cases I'm too "mental": I thought that one has to learn a technique.

Instead, in this case, all flew very easily. I only had to write down what came to my mind, without any judgment, only observing it. Godwriting has been a useful  experience to link my mind with my heart.

The light came on when we started the first Godwriting of the workshop: I started writing, and all came out very easily. Other lights came up during the sharings: Everyone's Godwritings had a special meaning for me, a special message.

As regards the keys to Godwriting, I'd say that the main is to be trustful to it and without any judgment: letting the stream of thoughts flow and just recording them with your pen. Not being shy or scared about it: God speaks through our innate wisdom so He can't be wrong.

Another key is, for me, not paying much attention to the immediate meanings of the answers. I think it works also on a subtle plane even if we're not aware of it. One more important key for me is to share it with your beloved ones: it can help them.

During the workshop what stood out most  for me, was the atmosphere of communion grown up in the two days: it's been like a meeting of old brothers and sisters. Cries and laughs  were so natural and without any shyness like with very old, strict and intimate friends.

This is what I wouldn't have missed for nothing in the world because i think it marked the full success of the workshop and made Godwriting very easy.

Other things I wouldn't have missed were the voice of Gloria, the eyes of Santhan and the smiles of both of them: a very God's gift!

From this workshop I would have wanted more time to spend together to share more Godwritings, love and sharings. This what I missed more as the workshop finished. The group played a fundamental role: I felt the others like being part of me, aspects of me; their Godwritings had always a significance or a teaching for me. I've learnt to better pay attention to what others share and to always suspend any form of judgment: who are we to judge the others? Let's listen and take what is for us and let go what we don't feel attuned with ourselves.

In the short time I'm feeling more connected with my inner, intimate parts and with my heart and less prone to let my mind run at full gallop; I think you have to control your mind but to let your heart completely free to express itself.

As regards suggestions, I would say that an important key is to keep workshops with not too many participants (10-12 or so on). This is, I guess, the key to create the right atmosphere to have the best Godwriting results.

To finish I give you my full permission to use my comments in wherever place you desire and whenever you want.


Note from Gloria: You can find Andrea's Spiritual Journey here:


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What wonderful feedback from Andrea! There are so many insights and stimulating ideas from his thoughts. Let me start with the best of the best. He says: “Let’s listen and take what is for us and let go what we don’t feel attuned with ourselves.” This is such good advice for all aspects of our lives, not just Godwriting. It would apply to all our reading and even our day to day interactions with others.

His responses also make me reflect on the intrinsic value of holding Godwriting workshops. As God tells us, we can all Godwrite all the time, in fact, He says we should. So why even bother with all the time and effort to arrange workshops? Andrea points out the wonderful aspects of fellowship and amazing opportunity of meeting people like Gloria and Santhan, and these are wonderful, but Andrea’s comments cause me to reflect on some other values.

One would be focused intent. It seems to me that the act of going to a Godwriting Workshop would powerfully focus one’s intent. Another aspect is safety. For many of us, Godwriting is outside the box of our usual activities, and such a workshop would provide a perceived “safety in numbers” (even though such safety is not actually needed). Attendance at a workshop also requires of us a certain level of commitment, which would seem to facilitate beneficial change in and of itself.

Finally, I want to thank Gloria Santhan and all who participated and assisted with the workshop tour. What you accomplished, you accomplished for us all. Nice work!

when reading the feedback I feel I was there, I feel the love energy pooring. Thank you Andrea for charing. LOve you all Jack

Dearest Andrea,
your feedback to the workshop is amazingly beautiful and takes me right back to those wonderful moments !!
Sweetest Gloria and most beloved Santhan, thanks again for coming to Turin !!!
Infinite love to all ♥

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