Fine Lines

There is such a fine line between Godwriting™ and writing what is not Godwriting. My experience is that it's far easier to Godwrite than it is to write from my little self. And yet I experience that the more I Godwrite, the easier it is to write from my personal self i.e. this blog.

I have always loved writing, and yet writing meant rewriting and rewriting and moving things around, and taking something out and putting something else in. It was definitely a process.  And I was not always pleased, and so the wastebasket was full.

Now my personal thoughts flow more easily. Pretty much what comes is okay, or okay enough. And somehow in the not trying so hard, what I write is better than it would have been the old way. I think so. I think it must be so. The difference is that, pretty much, I let my personal writing also have its say! I don't contrive as I once did.

What I write now doesn't have to be superb. It just wants to be written. It just has to be what happens to be in my heart at the moment, and that's what I write, and that's what I find out. I discover what I have to say as I type along.

When I first sat down to write for the blog this morning, I thought I was going to write about the fine line between loving and not loving. I thought the first sentence was going to  introduce the subject of love. Then I discovered I had nothing to say about love! My mind went blank. I have no idea of a fine line in regard to loving or not loving. It seems like a very wide line, and yet I have experienced that love and non-love can switch back and forth in an instant.

And now I find I have nothing more to say. I have no ending for whatever this is. But I will post it anyway.


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To love or not to love is like to be or not to be. Do we have any choise? Is there any line between these apparent opponents? We only move back and forth on the line of our awareness.

I can sense the deep satisfaction anyway. Beautiful huh.

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