Following our heart or what

There is a good question someone brought up recently. This was from someone who offered his services to Heavenletters in total sincerity. There was something I needed help with, and the person was happy to.

Between the time I asked and he agreed, he had been hit with an emotional crisis, the sort of heaviness and depression that seems to descend on us for no reason, but hangs there and seemingly won't go away.

This dear person said it this way:

I cannot do anything when I am feeling bad, cause the feeling of that "badness" is from the very very past. It is from the very separation from God. At that time, I am almost paralyzed mentally.

I do understand. Sometimes life just gets too much for us.

I remember what a dear friend said to me many many years ago. He said:

When life gets to be too much, punt.

What a revelation that was for me.  If we're at the place where we can't take on more, it's okay.

At the same time, I also feel the opposite!  I emailed back to this person:

At the same time, my heart tells me it would be good for you to get your focus onto something else other than how you're feeling, so it also wouldn't be bad for you to do this computer thing regardless of how you feel.

I think this is really the virtue of having a job where we have to go to and do whatever it is that we have to do. Working at a job pretty much doesn't let us go by how we feel. I would go so far as to say that a regular job saves us. I suppose a job teaches us that we don't go by our moods, no matter how awful our mood may be at a particular time. What I think is that the boundary of a job gets us out of some of our boundaries!

And that brings up the difference between how we feel and following our heart. God in Heavenletters™ always tells us to follow our heart. I am sure he doesn't mean to follow our moods. I don't think he means for us to always take the easy way out.

Yes, of course, sometimes we do indeed have to punt, as my friend said. And sometimes we have to stretch. How do we know when?


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I'm finding that these HeavenLetters are like the wondrous crop circles we are so
much aware of that are appearing all over the surface of Holy Mother the Earth.

Those exquisitely drawn divinely executed crop circles just enchant us! And somehow
we know those magnificently created geometric designs speak to us with the
language of Light. We just KNOW that. It's the same way the Language of
HeavenLetters speaks so innocently and purely to us! We just innately know they
speak of Truth and Love and Light to each and every one of US sacred and innocent

When Life gets to much??? Love never gets to much!!! What do the Americans mean by " Having to Punt " In Australia it means having a bet a wager. In Holland you push yourself along on a punt with a pole. both meanings to me are appropiate. Have a Gamble,you straight away are hoping for a win. the Dutch one get on with it (Life). Same as, Do well, but do not look back. Roughly translated. Oh by the way Thanks for the strength and love you send that old body, It is feeling better than before after all that heavy work al most finished but I got conscripted yesterday to volunteer at the information center to day so next monday back to the garage Love you Heaps Jack

Being of service in the world is a good cure for all kinds of depression.

One, you say it so magnificently. Yes, it's more than the things we do -- it's being of service. That is the key.

Jack, I know what you mean. And you are such an example of one who is outgoing who can always greet the world.

Some of us (not to mention names or initials like gsw) sometimes have to be by ourselves and punt in the sense of taking time out. Some of us overdo and have to pull back, but you, Jack, you are just right.

Thank You and I wish I was. Love you Jack

I would like to punt...but have been looking for a job for a while now and am getting overwhelmed with bills and I feel am's hard to keep a positive attitude when all seem to go wrong..xking out is no option..send light me way, since I cannot see it at the end of tunnel...

Oh, my dear, I'm so sorry you're having a hard time finding work. My daughter is in the same boat.

Keep looking up, and keep us posted.

Everything will be all right.

Much light your way.

God bless you always.

With love,


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