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Dear Blog Readers,

Time and time again, I know I have to stop answering emails. In the upcoming Heaven News, you will see that I state this firmly. I  ask everyone to post on the forum and on this blog instead of sending me a personal email. Personal emails are my weakness! They are like my candy. Help!

Writing down the day's Heavenletter, proofing another one, writing the blog entry for the day, often take only an hour. Sometimes a blog entry takes doubles that time, but not usually. Some days there are personal questions to answer. So let's say that my basic everyday responsibilities for Heavenletters™ take an average of two hours a day.

I frequently put in ten, twelve, fourteen hour-days. An eight hour day is a short day. Sometimes I am up early, and by nine a.m. I have already put in six hours. What percentage of my day am I putting into the essential Heaven work and what proportion do I put in to reading and answering emails?  I am going to guess 20% Heaven essentials and 80% emails.

Meanwhile, there are Heaven projects that are waiting for me.

My daughter often says to me: "Is this what is most important for you to be doing for Heavenletters at this time?"

Obviously, responding personally to everyone is important to me.

I have noticed in the past that when I am firmly convinced within myself that I must separate myself from personal emails, then fewer emails come in. And when I start missing the personal contact,  emails come pouring in. I am the culprit. I know that. And I have to get past that. I do. I do. I know I do.

My daughter has also said, "What if Bill Gates at Microsoft had had the idea he had to answer every email? He'd still be working out of his garage."

So I set my jaw firmly. My determination was inflexible. No more personal emails to or from me. I was invincible!

Then what happened? What, of all the beautiful emails that I have been so fortunate to receive -- what could possibly come in that would make me break my vow?  What could possibly?

I do not know God as a God Who tests us. I really don't believe that He does.

Yet, a strong subscriber for many years just wrote to me from his prison cell. He was arrested on drug charges. He is not able to have access to the internet. He wanted to tell me a friend does print out some Heavenletters and mails them to him.

He also wrote that when he knew he was going to prison, he determined that prison would serve as a monastery and spiritual retreat for him. He said, "And so it is."

He went on:

We know that all things happen perfectly, and that my presence here is a good thing. All in divine order. I am enjoying the ride.

Since my mission in life is to express and encourage unconditional love, I know that this is just another part of my journey...not a detour from it. :)

Being in confinement with all of these wonderful children of God is a privilege, and I live each moment surrounded by loved ones. I am as happy here as I was living "on the outside."

If you don't think this letter humbled me...

How could I not respond to him? This couldn't be a test. And if it were, I can't believe I flunked.

And now my jaw is set again, and I must not encourage personal emails or answer them. Well, no, unless it is a question for God which, of course, is private, or if you are in jail, or...

Will you help me out and post and post and post!

Looking forward to much more of you on this blog and the forum, for the fact is, that I cannot get enough of you.

With love and blessings,



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And we cannot get enough of you and heavenletters, beloved Gloria.

What Emilia said! I have internet access and so other than being selfish have no need to email you personally unless I have a question for God, unlike the person in prison. And I do post and post and post .... BIG HUGS!

Dear Gloria,

Can I relate to you a little part of my story? when I was a doctor, at a moment I was in front of a choice :continue to keep my job like this (very very busy) or take another way and heal less people but a more powerfull healing( and less busy!). It was very difficult for me because I love my job and the people who came to me. But others people will be able to do what I did in the ancient way. So I choose to leave this job and beging the new one. I can see a few peole, very few, but few people can do what I do now, and it is more in my divine line. You have to do a choice : let the others do what it is possible for the others, and do what only and only you can do. I know how many hard it is to do that, but I know also that God wait if we are able to do that. And when You do the choice "the others" appears do take the place you leave vacant. I am certain that this others people want to live what you are living now, and perhaps it is a gift for them if you give them this work? That is what I said to me when I leaved my ancient job!
with all my Love

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