Giving isn't always more divine than receiving 3

Generally speaking, it is easier for my daughter Lauren to give than to receive. This is not to compare Lauren to my mother, for there is no comparison. Nevertheless, Lauren gives a lot. She is good at filling others' needs and has a certain tendency to resist letting others fill her own needs.

Many years ago, when Lauren was in the hospital, recovering from emergency surgery, she let go of stubborn resistance, and she made everything easy! I would wheel her around to look at the beautiful art exhibit at the hospital, for instance, and she was total surrender. She happily let me wheel her around. She was totally receptive whereas usually she has a will of iron.

This was a sweet time when I would wheel Lauren around the hospital.

About giving and receiving, both are blessings. It is blessed to give, and blessed to receive. It seems to me that a receiver may be giving as much or more of a blessing than the giver. Receivers fulfill a worthy role. If there were not people to give to, there could be no givers. Let no one thwart another's desire to give.


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