Gloria, what if I told you that I don't remember...

One reason we have a steady flow of new French Heavenreaders is because of Michel Saint-Jean who posts Heavenletters™ on his French web sites.

I asked Michel some questions, and here are his answers:


Question: Michel, how did you find out about Heavenletters?

Michel's response:

Gloria, what if I told you that I don’t remember...

Heavenletters™ came to me one day, some years ago, I don’t know where from. And as we know, nothing happens by chance, then, for me, they became little step stones on the Path, that I put daily in the Chroniques d’Acturius in order to serve the Source.

I found Heavenletters™ refreshing. They are nice winks addressed to what Life does to us. These are letters that come from the heart of the Source and that are meant to talk to the heart of the readers.

To be present daily to serve the Source is at the heart of my being...when Somebody stops at my site, I offer Heavenletters™ along with other gems.

Gloria, you are , like me, a sower of Love, Tenderness et Kindness, just to remember that Life is good and that we are deeply loved by life. Thank you for being who you are, and long life to Heavenletters™.

I want to thank all the translators who translate Heavenletters™. Your humble job of a scribe is appreciated. Thank you.

Question: After that beautiful response, beloved Michel, please tell us more about YOU.

I’ve been practising massage therapy for close to 30 years, serving the body, the mind and the soul of people. I have always been attracted by the mystique side of life, and all along my path, working various jobs, I finally ended up to massotherapy. This profession, which is more of a mission, I would say, turned me into somebody who really serves the light.

Within this evolutionary process, I integrated, through the years, different approaches, be it physical, psychological and energetic. During this evolution/revolution/ascension, I contacted my soul family « Les Passeurs. »

I was asked by the Masters of this soul family to create, for the change of millenium, in the year 2000, the web site, in order for those belonging to this soul family to be attracted to it and find on it the spiritual food that would feed their spiritual path. The family of « les Passeurs » being a soul family serving evolution and  the crossings (all sorts of crossings), it was then a totally natural  continuation of my service to the Source.

I often say that « the most important is to serve and not to be served! »

Thus, at that time, I created les Chroniques d’Arturius (« The Arcturius Chronicles »), that integrated the web site, and so one thing led to another, I transmit on a daily basis my findings from the web that might feed the visitors of our site. I spend time, every morning to search the web, looking for little jewels among the texts that might help those who are on the path of Awakening, Evolution and Ascension.

I know that thanks to my Mission, I am a beacon of Light and that I help my brothers and sisters on the Path to anchor in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities. Together, we walk within the New Earth, and  I am just one of Her servants.

Peace - Love - Light

Paix – Amour – Lumière

Michel Saint-Jean (Arcturius)

Merci bien, cher Michel. S'il vous plait, let us know what we can do for you.

May all your dreams be fulfilled and God bless you always.

With gratitude, peace, love, and light,

Gloria on behalf of the spectacular Heaven Team


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Thank you, Michel. I googled your pulication but alas my French is pretty limited. Do you have an English version?

Precious Michael:
How nice to read the words of a KNOWER who knows the path of LIGHT. You reflect the same qualities that my beloved friend Gloria has for the years I've known her. Please let me thank you for the deep beautiful way you respond to light and Love. You express LOVE as the real meaning of all the forms that life takes. I suppose that what is what KNOWING is all about. You not only Do it, you seem to me to BE the essence of LOVE at work raising Global consciousness. Thanks dear one.

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