Gloria's Godwriting at the Dead Sea

This is some of the Godwriting that I received at the Dead Sea. I am still waiting for everyone else's:

Gloria to God:

Beloved God, thank You for these beautiful people -- for my brother Santhan, and my sisters Osi and Edna. Thank You for this beautiful day at the Dead Sea. This is truly a gift from You, and I am so grateful. The Dead Sea is in My heart along with You. Tell me the meaning of everything!

God said:


The meaning of everything is love. That is the only meaning.


Thousands of years ago -- millions of years ago, the Dead Sea traveled to this place so that the four of you could meet now and visit with Me. We had a pact to meet, and I thank you for coming. Everything is perfect in this stillness of non-time and non-space.

The Dead Sea represents the Silence that speaks without speaking, the stillness that stirs hearts. The Dead Sea is an expression of My love.

We have met here many times just as We meet every day in the sun. I called for you to meet, and you answered.

And now you say, "Hello, Dead Sea, hello, Jordan." This is how peace is brought to the world.

You four are peace-bringers. You bring Me, and you bring the peace I  bequeath to you, the peace you radiate to the world.

Edna is to keep laughing and smiling.

Osi is to continue valuing all her gifts. She has many. She is just  beginning to know the fullness of Me that she is.

Santhan is to be the strong mast that he is. He holds up the Heavens, and his inspiration reaches to Me. He breathes Me in and out, and I breathed him into existence.

As for you, Gloria, just keep plugging along with or without understanding. Keep intending Me in your heart. That's all you have to do.


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Good morning, Gloria, and greetings to all dear friends around the world, including special greetings to Jack in Australia, whose messages have cheered my heart so very many mornings here half-way around the world. I am among those enjoying so deeply every detail of the reports of your latest Godwriting journey. Gloria, the last lines of the message you received at the Dead Sea speak so powerfully to me, as a reminder good for all times and places: " Keep intending Me in your heart. That’s all you have to do." So simple, so clear. With thanks to God for each one of you in this blog-community.

Ah, two comments -- one from Iran and one from Iowa! There is no distance, is there!

...and one from Italy... in the middle (more or less) :) A very inspiring post, in some passages reminds me the one received by you, Gloria, during the workshop in Turin: wonderful!

Here's one from Romania! I remember that we were laughing so much at the last few lines of your Godwriting Senora, that we almost fell off our seats and rolled into the dead sea.

One Love

Beautiful beyond words!!!!!!

Loving you all always ♥

Well, Canada just had to write..

Beautiful! God's descriptions reinforce that we are each a different spark of God's love and light.
Each of us has a special purpose. And when we intend love, we experience opportunties at every turn to give and receive love.

I just have one question. Where are the pictures?

I would love to see them, as I'm sure everyone here would.

In love & light,

Beautiful?? Of course,It came from GOD. Gloria it is so good that others also recognise you as our Pilar of LOVE. KEEP BLOGGING PLEASE. If at any time there is a doubt rememeber If your intention is there you get all the help you need. My intention became LOVE a few years ago. And NOW?? I am a happy chappy. Love to you all Jack

Ah, Senor, at first I didn't know why anyone was laughing! Later when I read over the Godwriting, I realized the laughter came from the contrast between the exalted words that God said about you and the basic words He said to me. I am happy with what God said to me. I am also very happy with what God said about you!


Look at here. All world around and only one heart who speaks. You have touched my heart like only God can do.

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