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Wow, the comments on yesterday's blog from Jochen, Charles, and Deb were dynamite. Each comment gave me great insights. Each comment was so interesting -- I was intrigued with each one, and I tended to agree with each one as I read it! Charles gives such intelligent common sense balance, and Charles also makes me wonder why there haven't been entries about my family stories in a long time.  Deb opened a whole new world about the shoulds of shoulder and the masculine and feminine aspects of left and right.

Now,  Jochen's one-sentence comment seemed to me to be the final word.  It seems to me to be just what God would say, for Jochen's comment eclipses the whole relative world. “Everything has been coming for all eternity.” Whatever else may be so, that has to be true. "Everything has been coming for all eternity."

Here's my question: How can the same person (me) who hears such beauty and wisdom from God also write down the thoughts and antics of this blog. What a contrast!

But here's the thing: Heavenletters™  come from God. In a way, Heavenletters are God's blog whereas this blog comes from one individual's wondering and wandering.

God writes (I hear and type) what He wants to every day. He never runs out of things to say. He doesn't wonder what He will think of to say today or any day. He is always speaking to His audience. He does not write for Himself, nor does He write for Self-Discovery. He writes what He writes because He is God. He has always been speaking from the silence of His love, and I imagine there have always been people eager to write down His words as best they are able to hear them.

God tells us so often in Heavenletters that we are the same as He, that we are the same Oneness He is. I believe every word I hear God say.

And yet it's clear to me and clear to you, that the entries on this blog come from a very human being.  Blog entries here do not resemble Heavenletters.

So why do I write this blog then, I ask myself? I answer myself and say, I love to.  I love exploring my boundaries and discovering more of myself here with you. It must be that I write for myself and my gain.

I am just about always satisfied at the time I write an entry, and yet I would like to write more significant things, and yet I feel bound to write something every day and take as a topic whatever happens to be rolling around in my mind.

It also seems that another reason why I keep writing in this blog every day is because once I start a project, I don't know how to stop.  Once started and gone public, I cannot stop. At least when it's a writing project.

What I am trying to say is that God has Infinite Mind and Infinite Heart and Infinite Vision while the evidence of my mind, heart, and vision are finite. Well, so far.

I keep growing, and your insights spur me on. Thank you so much for sharing yourselves here. I love your comments! More, more!


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Well,  a l l  of it is for our benefit, isn't that wonderful! God doesn't need to know more or become clearer, and what He says is meant to enable us to catch up with Him. And we grope towards deeper layers of ourselves while we speak and write even if it does not look like very much. We all know how surprising new ideas and insights often come out of our efforts to express ourselves. In my somewhat delirious sleep last night (flu) I was given the sentence, "Wrong does not exist." I was wide awake instantly. It struck me as exceedingly deep, particularly since it was given in English and not in my native German. I'm quite sure that, in part, it came out of the discussion we had yesterday. And very likely it will flow back into our discussion sometime later. The image that came to me was of a dog in the park where I live. He lost his hind legs in an accident and his lower body rest on some ingenious contraption having two wheels. You should see him running around in his total, joyous, eager dogness. The meaning seems to be that "wrong" exists only insofar as we attribute it to events and circumstances.

Remember, God doesn't blog only in words. The whole creation is his blog!

Yes, Jochen, that joyous eager dog doesn't feel sorry for himself. He doesn't compare himself to other dogs. He isn't thinking of what might have been. That is a great thought you woke up with!

Beloved Joyce, God is far more than any words we can say!

The writers here are like rays of God's Light! I get enlightened by reading all the wondering and wanderings here.

I keep thinking about the posts here. One said it so perfectly. I just had to say thank you to all.

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