God is saying

God is saying: Listen to every impulse. Go give it a whirl.

This is the opposite of resisting. How many times has God said that? How many times have I heard that, and yet I have resisted some impulses over and over again. I have turned them away.

I recently wrote three blogs about learning to receive, and here I have been turning away ideas that come to me!  It would seem that I have not learned to receive in all the ways I might. Whether anything really comes of the ideas doesn't matter. What matters is being open to receiving them, and as God has said, giving it a whirl.

I have had some ideas for short stories, and when these ideas would come, I would turn them away. I suppose my thinking was: "I am a Godwriter now."

An Almighty Godwriter? Was my mind implying that I'm too good to write short stories?

I have always considered myself as someone who is open, but now I don't know how open I have really been.  I have been open to what I think I ought to be open to OR, when the desire is so strong, and there is no resisting it -- then I don't resist it.  Such as moving to Argentina.

So this morning, the morning I am writing this, I said to myself: Okay, today I am really going to be open.

Along with my new intent to be open to writing ideas, so far this morning (the morning that I actually write this, which was yesterday -- I have put three or four new blogs together, including this one. That's being open. I didn't push the ideas away.

One of the blog ideas that came to me has the title: If I were a stand-up comedian... Ideas to put under this topic keep popping up, and I write them in. If I had not written the title I did and made space for it, would those ideas have come? I don't think so.

On the other hand -- must there always be an On the other hand -- I have been interrupted from settling down to receiving today's Heavenletter!!!!  Oh, no!

I'd better stop now and receive a Heavenletter.

So, ideas, hold off for a little while now, okay?

Along with that, if you have any ideas for blogs you'd like to read, please post your ideas under this blog entry, and I'll give them a whirl!


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Dearest Gloria, Re your short stories writing. Your Daily blogs read like short stories. So what are you chastising yourself for. Stop punishing yourself and love yourself as we know you our writing Angel. Love Jack

I have an Idea, Gloria, if you are up to the challenge. I would like to hear what you have to say about: "The toughest day of my life." I would love to hear what anyone has to say about this, too. I think there is much gold buried below the dross of our struggles!

Beloved Chuck, thank you for responding. You are right that there is gold beneath our struggles. I wonder if it is possible to tell just about the gold and not go into the tough.

It would be a higher vibration to tell about one of the best days in our lives, or a best moment, for, of course, we have had many.

Chuck, maybe you could do what you suggest in an uplifting way, but horses couldn't make me revisit the drama of the past. Nope, I don't want to go back there.

Give me Heaven!

But, again, thank you, beloved friend.

P.S. Stephen, who starred in the previous blog entry, triumphed over being born deaf. He made something wonderful of his life that perhaps, without having been born deaf, he might not have done. His whole life is probably an example of what you're suggesting.

Dear Gloria, why don't you write a blog entry with this title, "Heavenletters, the Divine(Don's) Keys for Opening Our Hearts"

Beloved N. Nagarajan, you love that image of me as God's donkey pulling a cart and delivering His messages! I love it too! It's the nicest thing I've ever been! I am thrilled.

WE SHOULD discern the difference between to speak and to say.What did you say today? Try to be conscious and analyse your own conscience, deep down in your subconscious mind and you will hear voices.It is not the voice of God.There are false outer voices and false inner voices.

The false inner voices are the voices of our own thoughts, what we call my thoughts and your thoughts. For the first time, you will hear God´s voice when you stop and silence those confusing, troublesome-conditionned thoughts.

God speaks when we stop speaking and thinking our own thoughts. God is a «gentleman», so to say. He listens when we speak and speaks when we want to hear His voice.
Adopt mentally and physically the attitude of being still and know that God is God.

Please, do not interfere through thinking that we know more or bether than Him. He is All-Knowing. Let God be God. The best way is to stop comparisons. Stop comparing yourself with yourself.Stop comparing things.Let God comparare Himself with you and not you.Stop comparing.

God is so simple.We should imitate the simplicity of God.Simplicity in words and thoughts. Listen.Let there be light.He is so simple.We are so sophisticated and complex.

Listen to the simplicity, spontaneity and naturalness of God`s words and thoughts within yourself.

A lot of wisdom and love here, beloved Timoteo.

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