God speaks to Pitta

Dear Gloria,

I remember you asked us to write our messages from God and send them to you. I have received many so, to not dwell too much, I send you only two of them, the two that amazed me.  I hope you could understand my translation.

1) Pitta to God: (I refer to my father's death and the incredible

things his soul told me.)

My dear, something get off? Something is been removed? What happened to upset my horizon in a time of four minutes? How much questions, just me that I said "I have no more questions." Thanks for today. Thanks to the Universe and to You, thanks to me, I have done all my best to be possible all that.

God to Pitta:

Patrizia, it sounds strange to you this name, isn't it? It sounds like you hear it the first time, like for the first time it would be your name, your, and not for the Patrizia you knew before.

Something is changed, what my sweet Patrizia? Only your DNA.

Surprise? Yes. Every change become at first in DNA, MY code engraved in everyone.  A radical change in a different level of awareness is an energy change.  What is DNA if not a divine energy imprint, matrix of every man? You can see now, impatient soul, because it never has to force what you call "change of conscience." An energy too much high, alias DNA changing, could induce serious damages in the human matrix. What now seems so mervallous, sometime ago it could be lost forever.

I know very well, yes I know, you have learnt to walk at the right step. But what now seems unexpected is the result of your long hard work.

Thanks to Me, to you, We are the same, where is the difference? But where you give thanks, you become more near to the divine awareness, you give off power at the ego.

I have showed you the power of blessing, without it your father couldn't reveal to you so much.

Try it again, attempt it many times and you could see marvel things.

2) Pitta to God:

Fast imagines, my dear, words one on another and I try to capture them and write them on my paper, and your words more fast than ever. Wonderful, it remembers to me what I have always wish in my life. But words are limits, words close every expressed concept where in imagination is more vast. Meet us here, in that point, where I am aware that You are me.

God to Pitta:

We can talk for all Eternity. I have much time, so you. Meet us on the paper signs, wonderful, yes. Words close, you tell. They could. But when we meet, also in words, your heart beats in a different way and so doesn't exist closing. Everything can close or can be an instrument.

When you eat a banana you don't keep the peel only because it remembers you the delicious banana you have eat. It would be silly, doesn't it?

If I give you a banana, I, really Who I Am, what do you do with it? I really hope you will eat it and throw the peel before it will be spoiled. So it is for every thing.

Use words, this is your instrument, and then disperse them, away, far away from you, before they could become spoiled. Believe in yourself and when you have doubts ask Me, only to Me, and I show you.

Now I give you a secret., a secret not for all yet. Men ask to Me: "God, oh my God what I have to do?"

But they are deaf, because I always reply. "YOU, tell me what YOU want to do, and I will do."

Men ask Me what they have to do and they complain because I don't reply them.

YOU, YOU, what You want to do? YOU, creator of your life, builder of your creations, what do you want?

YOU who have all my instruments, YOU what do you want? What do you want conclude, obtain, create, reach for? How do you want to mold this unarmed material in your hands?

I AM GOD and I will do all you want. Surprise? Shocking? Thinking well. Isn't like this that world has gone on during all the time?

What, what do you wait again? What signs do you want more? Look around, isn't full, fullness, the measure of signs? Why do you think I am the responsible when things happen?

YOU tell me what you want and I will occur for you. If you come wrong doesn't matter. I am well-disposed to begin forever, infinity times.

If it would not be so, if you couldn't free choice, if I lay down the law, where it could be the Truth We have talk about? How could be the perfect Love? Perfect Love means perfect freedom.

Oneness, if oneness have to really be, doesn't know chief. Upsetting? So it is, or it would be not at all.

Love, God

My dear Gloria,

I will remember you and Santhan for all the times. It's easier see God in loving people.

With love,



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I always enjoy reading other's Godwritings. In the workshop I was surprised and so much enjoyed listening to other's Godwritings…

Here is my ego goes, I think. Gloria… I think there is something wrong with me and my Godwriting!!! (Ego still talks)… it seems to me that I cannot write as beautifully as others write. I usually write everyday… I've actually asked God two questions for two friends of mine… (One could not help crying). When I ask for myself I seem to get into struggle with God… the answers are always short and not straight. For example I aske God, why can't I make money? When will I be able to make money? God never gives me direct answers… He says you will have all the materially pleasures in your life, for example. This puts me off, and I don't find myself willing enough to write again… I know all of these come from my insane ego. At first I thought I might lose the ability… but God said, "this is the ability that when you learnt first, you will never forget later".

May you have any explanations?

My dear Pitta,
I don't know whether you are aware of the profundity of this Godwriting of yours. It is amazing. The Truth of life revealed, and words as banana peels we need to through far away after having used them, before they get spoiled [by human interpretation].

Thank you so much, Patrizia, for sharing this with us.


Oldooz, let that critic go! You know, we can't compare our Godwriting to someone else's. We can't even compare it to our own. Comparing is deadly. I must confess there has been a time or two when I didn't look favorably on a Heavenletter I received. When I look at the Heavenletter later, I find more in it than I saw before, and I love it.

I would like to see what other Godwriters will say to you.

Dearest Pitta, what a depth! Congratulations.

Pitta dear,
I am speachless at the beauty of God's reply to your questions, I'd love to say so much more, but just tears come, so much have you touched my heart.
I will read this over many more times.
I do love you dear and if you feel like it, keep sharing your amazing heart ♥

Dearest Oldooz,
you Godwriting is just as amazing and beautiful as that of all children of God. When the mind judges, tell it that it's no big deal, don't fight it.
Of course the question about money is of interest to many dear, I too have so far not succeeded in "making money" but God tells you that you will enjoy all the pleasures of life, isn't that a fantastic promise ??????? God is looking after you dear, always has and always will, it is not your "making money" but being aligned with God that will give you all the wealth. I am sure your Godwritings are just as beautiful and deep and full of wisdom, there is no specialness is the Kingdom of the Father, it would mean that He shines love more on some and less on others of His children. God made you His image dear Oldooz, YOU ARE THE WORD MADE FLESH, you are God's most beloved child.
much love and big hugs from Italy dear !!

We are glad for the Godwriting that came through Pitta, yet it is not her Godwriting. It is God's. That's what we have to remember. It is God we thank. It is God we praise. Pitta is an innocent receiver. We all are.

American Indians speak of wanting to be the hollow reed through which God can flow.

Mother Theresa said something like this: "I am the pencil. God is the Writer."

Yet God, it seems to me, does address each one of us a little differently. Some short, some long etc. I remember when I first started Godwriting, I heard the simple three words from God quite often: "I am here." I was so disappointed. But as I grew, I grew to understand the power of those three simple words: "I am here." God is here. Right here. I started to see them as very powerful words.

Later someone told me that that the Hebrew word for I am here is Hineni, and that it appears in the Bible somewhere quite often.

I think it was Andrea who said not to pay attention to how the Godwriting seems to us, especially at first.

Dear Pitta, what a deepness in this answer! Thanks for sharing, I'm finding it very useful and rich of advices for me. Kisses!

Dear pitta, even if in your life you are just a little baby who has many-many difficulties and up-and-down, I have to recognize that these are God's words. He, probably, has spoken by you to know you that, even when you forget it, He is always near you and always for you, like for all.
So, dear pitta, begin to belive seriously, once for all. It's the time, isn't it?
With love for all, also for you

Hi All,With great love and interrests I read your letters to and from GOD. The feeling I have when reading is that all are one because there is so much love expressed. Money??? Have I got a bed to sleep in ? YES. have I got a house? Yes. DO I have something to eat? Yes. thanks GOD I am rich!!! Money is nice. but Gloria travels the world and is she loaded. Oh Yes!! with Love Grace and Gratitude.I ask GOD for help and money comes when most needed. so Give LOVE and be Happy all out there Jack

Thank you so much my dear friends.

These are the trick of mind. I agree with all of you.

God tells us, your needs are divinely met. Where would you like to be?... what do you want to do if money doesn't exist in the world? Answer this question you'll most probably find it amazing!

I'll take a break today and stay away from my computer. Have received my first distance healing and need to rest.:)

Bye for now

My dear, dear Oldooz,

your question about money it's the most selected by human beings! I think, can I overreach me?, God's anwer is short because exists a great difference between have much money in a hand and have a great abundance in the other. Replay to yourself: what of two do you prefer? Money-abundance.
It could seem quite the same, but there is a great difference between the two.
I love you so much

Deat Pitta

I got your point... Thank you.:)

Much love to you.

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