Godwriting™, Questions, and Innocence

Through Santhan’s thoughtfulness, you can read a blog entry while I am in Montana. I am using Carol’s computer, and blessed Santhan offered to graciously post for us. Bless you, Santhan.

Yesterday in Great Falls, there was a TV interview on a show called Teach Only Love, hosted by Brian Logden, a most genial host. When I get back, I will have some photos of Brian, the crew, and Carol and Eva who formed a most supportive audience.

Last night there was a birthday celebration for Carol and Angela at a restaurant called Jaker’s. Excellent food and service, by the way, and great company. I brought the camera, but do you think I remembered to take pictures? I totally forgot. There were about ten of us there, and I had a wonderful time. I don’t do this much socializing at home in a month!

This is Sunday morning before the first day of the workshop. I just finished writing down a Heavenletter, and now I am thinking about the workshop, and I thought I would jot down some of my thoughts.

My thoughts begin with last night when a delightful person who is coming to the workshop asked me about asking God about the timing of certain predicted world events. I have a definite response to this!

Of course, when you Godwrite, it is between you and God, and no one is to tell you what you can or cannot ask. At the same time, I advise against asking predictive questions. For several reasons.

We want to ask questions from our heart, not our mind. God answers our heart, not the intellect. So, we want our questions to come from our hearts. We open our heart to God, and God fills our heart.

Years ago someone sent in a personal question to God, and it was a similar question as the one raised last night. I don’t remember the exact question, but I do remember God’s response word for word. It was: “Why do you want to know?


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hi gloria

of course..

may I take the lasst part of this thoughts as invitaion for the German workshop?

and great that you enjoy your visit and all that is combined with...

regards to Brian...
love peace and joy
from here to there and everywhere...


yes, yes, Gloria. I want to come.
Thanks for a wonderful invitation.

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