Godwriting workshop in Istanbul

Wow! What a workshop. Lale and Jale www (dot) sifacemberi(at)gmail.com have a  beautiful facility in a beautiful building. They have many beautiful appointed rooms, each sunlit and lovely to be in.  The energy there is beautiful.

Lale and Jale sound like they are Turkish twins, but they are two dear friends who used to work for IBM and founded a spiritual center three years ago. They offer many healing modalities and four-day retreats.  These two ladies are fantastic go-getters. They are big thinkers who are going places, and I think they are going to take Heavenletters with them!

Lale and Jale mail out Engin's Turkish translations of Heavenletters to over 2,000 people on their mailing list.  I didn't know this until we had the workshop today. Furthermore, they have a contact at a publishing house here and will connect Engin, who has translated the entire Heaven book into Turkish, with a major publishing house here. Inshallah, the Heaven book will be published in this beautiful land.

My dear friend Engin has been translating Heavenletters in Turkish for over three years now. She traveled from Ankara, quite a distance away, to come to the workshop. For three years, she has been dear to my heart, and now we meet in person for the first time.

Oldooz whose name means Star spent two full days driving from Iran to come to this workshop. Actually, her brother drove her. When Oldooz arrived, I made up a saying: "She who comes from the greatest distance is the one who gains the most." At least I think I made that up. It's pretty wise, too, don't you think?

Olduz never had a moment's hesitation about coming to this workshop. With her vitality and uplifting attitude, she is going to get it all. How can she miss?

Oldooz, in case you don't know, is now translating Heavenletters into Farsi.  Including Oldooz, we have five subscribers from Iran. I think with Oldooz and her energy, we will soon have more. It is no accident that Oldooz has come to Heavenletters. It must be that God has chosen her. I will not get carried away, but Oldooz traveled to this workshop from Iran, and soon Santhan and I fly to Israel. Iran came to us, and now we go to Israel.

Tomorrow I will list all the participants and tell you more about the workshop. I also had a touching Godwriting about this class. I would include it now except I left my notebook at Lale and Jale's center.

Just suffice to say that this beautiful group of people has been pretty good about crying. Pretty good means they are getting good at it. Tears tell me that the workshop is doing all it's supposed to, for tears break down walls.

I discovered how vital it is for everyone to read their Godwriting out loud. It's good for all of us to hear, but also the person who reads his or her Godwriting out loud gets full value from it. When he or she reads it out loud, they feel the power of their Godwriting.

One lady had thought it wasn't Godwriting she had done. She was quite sure that the words she wrote were really her own thoughts.  As she read out loud what she had written, it became clear to her that the messages she received were not her own but were from the Higher Power we call God. We who listened to her read out loud knew it was Godwriting from the beginning.

As each person read, I heard precious love and wisdom. Soon I will share some of the Turkish Godwriting here, or maybe I will ask these lovely people to post on the forum themselves.

Just as Heavenletters are for everyone, everyone's Godwriting is for everyone.

I will tell you more about this fantastic group tomorrow -- or as soon as I can.

Today is Sunday, the second and last day of the workshop. Tomorrow morning, Heaven Admin and I fly to Israel.  It is going to be hard to say goodbye to this country of love.


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Reading your blog, Gloria, added my tears to the tears you report from the workshop. What you write of the fellowship in Turkey is soothing music to my ears and joy to a heart that aches for peace to spread throughout our world. I am proud to be associated with you, Gloria and Santhan, as you spread love and brotherhood.

Your European Godwriting Tour embodies the Heavenletters messages. You are being God’s eyes, ears, feet and hands as you move from city to city. You are a physical manifestation of His word spreading world-wide. Through the internet, it is as if we can hear His heartbeat in the words you type for Him.

Your glowing reports, Gloria, further stimulate our intimate awareness of the messages we are blessed to read every day. For us mortal human beings, who are wrapped up in our day to day human dramas, your exploits are a fantastic embodiment of a sweet dream.

I am sure I speak for all readers when I say our hearts are with you and Santhan, the Godwriters and the well-wishers you mingle with as you spread the love, goodwill and healing of your mission.

With love and gratitude……Chuck

Oh, by the way, I am pleased to report that a fourth seven letter ebook, tenatively titled, "Happiness, success and Fulfillment" is well on its way to being completed. It is a fitting topic to be working on as I am reading your blog.

I'll just laugh reading and remembering the tears... please don't upload the videos.. ;).

I wrote here without getting registered.. and my email address appears on this computer everytime i open this page... :(

Your email address is only visible for you, Oldooz.

Dear Gloria,

Well, it seems to me that what you give is what you receive and that works everytime everywhere.......

Have a joyful continuation of your Godwriting Tour together with Santhan, and a safe trip back home !


Thank you Jochen. :)

Now back in home. Dear Gloria... thank you for the gifts, especially the CD.. I'm so glad to hear your lovely voice. :)

Dear Gloria,
How nice it was to feel that you were in my country and in İstanbul and you met your dearest translater,my daughter Engin. It was a dream for her and to meet you but ıt happened. This meeting is enough to explain how bautiful and meaningful Heavenletters are.I wish I could have met you but I couldn't come to join your seminar with some reasons that you know but I deeply felt that you were somewhere near me.Iam pleased that you enjoyed and had nice time in İstanbul.We never know,perhaps another time somewhere we may meet.
Your visit to different countries is spreading love,peace and brotherhood that the people need much this days.Thanks for this work.
Have a joyful continuation of your Godwriting tour and safe back home. Love and with my best wishes..

Beloved Oya, Engin's belowed Mother and Grandmother to Sarya.

I was blessed to meet your beautiful daughter, and one day, inshallah, shall we also meet.

With all my love and God's blessings,

Your friend, Gloria

P.S. Thanks for sharing your daughter with me.

I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable about what I've written before about "the tears"... If possible I could have delete it.

I think I'll cry again.

Beloved Oldooz, please don't worry about anything, dear angel. You are a beautiful and true Godwriter. Until I'm back in Iowa and settled, nothing is going to happen anyway. Your wishes will always be respected. Loving you,

Canim Oldooz, beautiful star. Your tears touched deep down to my heart. Pls do not cry, actually I know, sometimes one can not help herself and tears pour from the eyes and they do not stop for a while and it seems as if they would never stop... I had enough of that experience. And sometimes especially after a spritual seminere one may feel herself more alone and helpless, one may miss that atmosphere and all those beautiful friends...But now we have God-writing, we can share all our questions and wishes. Life has its own ways, it does not always meet our wishes by the way that we think. (I learned this with infinitely many tears:))) But anyway it meets:)))
loving you and missing you...
I am sure that some day we will meet again. Maybe we can organise an assembly of translators in Angertina:)))

PS: Canim Gloria and Santhan, I have already missed you..I read the blog and see and everything is going well. Later I want to write you more my most beloveds:))) Can-larim thank you for your beautiful presents...Thank you for everything, thank you for your BEING xoxoxoxox

Dear Gloria, let that comment be there. :)… that is the duality at work. ;). Thank you for letting me know of Engin's comment here.

Canim Engin, I had missed you all as soon as I was leaving Istanbul. Everyone from whom I heard via email is telling that we will meet again. It seems God has some plans for me… I AM READY FATHER!... Canim Engin, now I don't cry… but I love that tears come down my face in the workshop as much as I think of them. I love that tears… why not crying tears of meeting Him.

Gloria… I still think of that Kiss. Just felt to thank you again for those special kisses. Oh my God how I feel when I think of them. Thank you, dear heart. Thank you.

Oh, yesterday I had no internet connection and could not post the translation I got to go now.

Stay connected! ;)

Oh... what I (we) went through!.. again tears in my eyes!!

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