Godwriting workshop in South Africa 3

 I learn so much from the evaluations that new GodWriters™ give. I learn again and again to cover the basics. Pierre didn’t know the workshop was about learning to do his own GodWriting™. And I had no awareness of this until he mentioned it in his evaluation!

 Godwriting workshop in South Africa 3

The second thing I learned -- re-learned --  through Pierre is that I may say something like, "Let go of your thinking brain, judgments etc." but that doesn’t mean that what I’ve said has been heard. I need to alternate ways to communicate. OR, perhaps I am to accept that each person has to discover that for himself, as Pierre did, and that's fine too.

Pierre experienced a “voice” telling him God would not want to hear from him. I mentioned this feeling in Blog 2  -- the disapproval of the world at large and our family world that somehow made its way deep into us. What an unhappy thing, to feel that God would not want to hear from us. God wants to hear from everyone of us. God in Heavenletters™ excludes no one. He loves us as we are, and he loves us equally.

We know that negativity is not from the Voice for God. But how oppressive is that negativity.

Here's something important that Meister Eckhart, a 14th century mystic, said:


“You need not look for God either here or there. He is no farther away than the door of your heart: there He stands waiting till He finds you ready to open the door and let Him enter….It is a lie—any talk of God that does not comfort you."


And both Normand and Pierre, in their workshop evaluations, also expressed very well this opening of the door of our hearts.

In fairness to the beloved people who hold judgments and feel that someone has to be different from how he happens to be -- most of us have been there, it seems to me -- it also seems to me that we who bought the judgments broadcast around us, we are also victims and  had our hearts closed because of judgments as well.

Tomorrow Normand's evaluation will be shared for sure. Normand had a monumental development with his GodWriting™.

 Godwriting workshop in South Africa 3

We may save Pierre's evaluation for the next blog entry, depending upon how long tomorrow's entry is after I put it together.

I would like to emphasize here that this 1st GodWriting™ workshop in South Africa was a breakthrough workshop , a breakthrough for Normand and Pierre, and a breakthrough for the herders of it!  That this workshop was a breakthrough also means that the workshop was challenging!


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Well, if you tell me that it was a challenge, that surely arouses my interest dear :-))
I am glad that God came through and "brought or took" home His children. That God loves us the way we are and that we need not undergo any change to be "better" is a great revelation, when we can truly feel it in our heart.
In this process everyone is enriched beloved Gloria, each workshop enriches your heart and understanding of what it is to herd people to Godwriting, and each new Godwriter is enriched, for the workshop clears the channel, the communication, the heart connection to God. The Godwriting workshop kind of sweeps our hearts and minds so that we are totally free to just BE with God. At least, that is how I feel about it.
sweetest love to all.

Beloved Berit, I must use your exquisite words in promoting Godwriting workshops in the future. You make me want to sign up for a workshop!

Sounds like you had a wonderful workshop. It doesn't matter how many people are there. And the level of commitment from from these two men is extraordinary.

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