Greek Char House in Chicago


Lauren had a Groupon for Melanthios, Greek Char House, in easy walking distance from her new apartment. This means we ate $40. worth of fantastic food for $20.  I can tell you that the food and service were superb every inch of the way.

Below you see into the kitchen where most, but not all, of the food is prepared.


Below you see our waiter lighting a flaming cheese for the people at the next table!


In addition to lighting the cheese, the waiter yells out OOPAH! OOPAH! The flame and the loud yelling out are just wonderful. I could watch and listen forever.

So many restaurants in Chicago have outdoor seating, but all the outside tables were already taken.


The last photo is of my waiter, James, and me.

Melanthios in Chicago has the best service in the world. I discovered that waiters are now called servers, and James is the best server of all!


We'll be back one of these days  It would be lovely to meet you here!


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Hi Gloria, You have a Greek Restaurant to go to, I have a supurb supermarket here. I have been all over the world and I have never come accross a family owned supermarked where everone smiles. If a question is asked, they stop what they are doing and show you where it is what you are looking for. As I like some Dutch and Indonesian food, I did ask for things the did not have. I was asked to name what I wanted and it was in store next week. As I live 5 km away from town I go to the shop sometimes 3 times a day (bad organiser Jack) it is hard on petrol but I am a sucker for a smile. So let us enjoy whatever God brings us Love light and laughter. Jack

I am a sucker for a smile, too, beloved Jack.

Your comments always make me smile. :)

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