Happy Valentine's Day

It charms me that today's Heavenletter™, A Willing Rose, was written down about seven weeks ago, and without planning, here it appears on Valentine's Day! How did this happen!

Of course, by far, most Heavenletters are about love, yet this one,it seems to me, is especially apt for Valentine's Day. The title is even perfect.  And roses are the #1 gift on Valentine's Day, I believe.

 A rose in bloom knows when it is loved. It feels the difference and adores being loved, and a rose always loves. A rose has awareness of its rise from rose hip to full-blown rose. A rose doesn't know the words, but a rose knows its own roseness, and is glad to be this One in a million rose.

A rose may be red, and it loves its redness even though the rose doesn't know the names of colors, and still a rose loves himself as he is.

A rose may be yellow, and it knows it is like the sun, even when it cannot see colors. After all, it has been basking in the sun and drinking up its rays. What a lovely thing to be a rose!

Even a white rose knows its elegance and refinement. What a great and beautiful thing to be a rose of any color or any kind!

Who ever heard of an unwilling rose?

It would seem that roses are ahead of us because they are happy as they are. The silly things that get in the way of our Oneness don't get in roses' way.

If you could be a rose, what color rose would you choose to be and why?


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The color of love of course! What other color is there?

There are many colors percieved by the human eye, but the color of Love just about covers them all

Such lovely responses, One and Steve. My pastor always says "There is no color in this church--unless you can tell me the color of Spirit."

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