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For New Year's Eve and New Year's Day,  Heaven Admin invited some friends of his to spend New Year's Eve and stay over at this marvelous beach house.

Now, when I have even one friend over for one meal, I tend to be in a dither. Everything has to be done ahead and, of course, I must excel in everything. Consequently, my having people over is an undertaking, takes great preparation, and considerable clean up after. To have people staying over as well would be monumental for me.

First of all, realize that we got back to the beautiful beach home at about 3 p.m. on New Year's Eve Day! and three adults and two children were coming over. Actually, there were supposed to be four more people who, at the last minute, could not make the drive from Durban, South Africa to Palm Beach.

Add to the picture that there is a torrential rain.

Let me introduce the people who are coming:

First here is Strini who went to medical school with Heaven Admin and who is a practicing physician now:


Below, Strini's wife Kirsten who is expecting and, and on the right, Krishnaveni who is Strini's sister and Kirsten's sister-in-law:


Here is Krishnaveni's six year old daughter and Strini's six year old son from a previous marriage:


These two children are truly like brother and sister. An incredible example of harmony. See the shared use of the hammock.


And the star of the show! This is a real live puppy, not a stuffed one!


I don't have photos of the four people who were also coming, and at the last moment, couldn't.

Because of Heaven Admin's relaxed state, the minute everyone came in, never having been at this place before, they felt right at home. I watched it happening! They went right to their rooms, put their stuff away, and no one hovered over them.

The next thing I knew, everyone was making supper together! Santhan had thought he would make pizza (of course, he makes it from scratch -- even makes the yeast that will raise the pizza dough!!!) but it is all without any effort whatsoever for him.  For me, making pizza would be a project. For Heaven Admin, it's like falling off a log.

It turns out that the menu changed spontaneously to curried vegetables and whole wheat pasta. There were more things as well. Without anyone's telling anyone what to do, everyone cut up vegetables or did something they thought of.

This was beautiful to see and beautiful to be part of. So naturally, we had, indeed, become a community. Cleaning up was a cinch. No effort at all when it's split five ways without anyone's asking or assigning.

Kudos to Heaven Admin for his relaxed state and for having such great friends.


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The key is Santhan's relaxed state of being. Everything just flows through such a state, since there are no energetic impediments to the perfection which then just naturally manifests.

Isn't it marvellous to bask in the aura of another who is calmly aware, whose every touch is sure and steady? I am glad for you having that, Gloria. I am happy that I had such a companion once too.

Margaret, I think it is a rare thing.

And, yes, so much depends upon being relaxed.

What a wonderful blessing dear ! I would have so loved to be with you. wonderful pictures, so much peace and love !! thanks for sharing !
much love

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