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For the fun of it, I did a Google Search on Heaven Admin (Santhan) who does everything for Heavenletters™. This is the first thing I found, and this is the first time I saw it! What a treat! It begins with a note from Al Diaz who posted this in his blog on January 26, 2010. Heaven Admin addresses his writing to a gentleman named Mark. I do not know who Mark is or what Mark had said that prompted Heaven Admin to write his response, but I love what Heaven Admin wrote:

The post begins with an introduction from Al Diaz:

The following note is a response by a good friend of mine, Santhan Naidoo, in regard to what is going on with our world. Santhan is Heaven Admin for Heaven Letters, and I had the pleasure of having him in my home for a couple of weeks and sharing insightful perspectives.

From me to you Love is the answer…all ways.

For our best and highest good, all ways…

Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz http://www.ilumine-ao.com/2010/01/26/the-waking-dream-you-walk-through-by-santhan-naidoo/

The Waking Dream You Walk Through

by Santhan Naidoo

Dear Mark,

I accept your invitation to rewrite this from another perspective.

I’ve traveled approximately 23712km (14733 miles) within the last two months. From Buenos Aires to London to Bruge to Paris to Istanbul to Tel Aviv to Bucharest to Johannesburg to Los Angeles and so on. I lived in the homes of people from all around the world, listened to their stories, shared their pain and celebrated their laughter.

That there is change coming to our world, yes, we all agree. The nature of life is change. In this world, there are the opposites which have been playing against each other from the beginning of creation. Each has its season. There is a season of more light and a season of less light. Through both seasons there is always light.  Even when the world is completely cast in shadow there is light.

What we see happening in our world is a transition to a new season of light. In this season the tree of creativity and love blossoms, and their fruits form. As the clouds of ignorance, attachment, pride, anger and envy are dispersed, the ones who lived in their shadow scramble and struggle to accustom to the season of light. There are desperate actions to prevent the light from shining through. These desperate actions are very visible in our world today.

God has given the highest of His creation the power to rise above all conditions. That power when awoken in man, lifts man up to his divinity from where he casually watches the play of life. The divine man knows his true nature and knows his Creator and sees that everything is always in divine order. The monster called fear becomes his puppy.

As there are desperate and fearful actions, so too are there harmonious and loving actions at work in our world today. The ones who have cast aside their winter garments are kindling the flickering flames of faith that remained alight through the season now coming to a close. It is not a mindset of fear, hiding, protection, separation and preparation for disaster that guides these ones actions. Celebration, sharing, creativity, unity and community are the thoughts they hold as they guide the world through the transition into the season of more light.

Through my travels, I have seen clearly a common resonance amongst people of all cultures. There is a love vibration bringing us closer to The Creator and the source of all power. This love of God is breaking through all boundaries and uniting us across distance, languages, cultures, religions and ways of life. Its like we are moving closer to a common point of reference (the highest reference point that exists!) and forgetting our differences. In the light of The Creator one begins to see that the world is a game and existence is eternal.

Here’s what God says…

"You walk through the Halls of Heaven every day. I would say that you reach the top every day, and yet there is no top of Heaven to reach. Heaven is borderless. Even as you walk the common borders of everyday life, you are not obliged to the borders. You think you are, yet every day you cross the Seven Seas that make up the life you know. You are not a one-level Human Being. You travel in circles of the Universe. You might as well know that you travel with Me, and I with you. You are Earthed and Heavened at the same time."

The Waking Dream You Walk Through

Heavenletter #3266 Published on: November 3, 2009 http://www.heavenletters.org

Santhan's URL  www.moflowcms.com



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Senora, if I remember correctly, the above was a response to Mark's writing that was published in Al's newsletter. It was something about all the troubles in our world today.

There are many many people in the world today who are literally expecting some kind of catastrophic event. Maybe I had fallen into such a belief too many years ago.

When a baby comes into the world, sometimes the baby remains in that in utero state, and does not breathe or open her eyes. Traditionally the doctors give the baby a spank or pinch it! Well, the baby can also be tickled. Tickling the baby on the rib-cage has the same effect. Both ways, change the state of baby's awareness. Why welcome a child into the world with pain?

Change is constant. The ways to change are choices. May we all choose the pleasant way!

Loving you always.

Dear One, you bring out a great point about how newborn babies are spanked. What a rude beginning. Why, indeed, welcome a child into the world with pain. And it is so contrary to the joy of the parents and all those surrounding the birth. Very strange.

Santhan put into beautiful words what I feel all day, each day. I was privileged many years ago to have a heart attact, so the docters machine tells him. And I entered Heaven, so beatiful and all love! I wanted to finish something I started here on earth and reluctantly I went back," even in heaven I was pigheaded". So what is to fear??? I seen it and will go back when called even when now all is so good. Re all the negative powers at work step away from it so they will not affect you. Send love and light and forget the rest. Help when and where you can and let God do what God wants to do. God has a reason and who am I to Judge my Father. I live In paradise that My beloved Wife Mieke and I created with the rest of our loving family and friends. so Fear not and Trust yourself Love to all Jack

Jack dear, oceans of love to you.

Beautiful story Jack. I always felt that you saw beyond the earthly drama!

One Love

Amazing Now...as it was then.


Ilumine Ao, Al Diaz

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