Heavenpetals™ from Two Sharons

I’m a little ahead of myself here. I meant to type up the comments from the Santa Barbara workshop before putting up new samples of new Godwriters’ Godwriting -- Heavenpetals. However, I can’t wait to share these Heavenpetals with you. So, here is some great Godwriting™ from two Godwriters™ who both, as it happens, bear the same name -- Sharon.

The first samples are from Sharon T. who took the Godwriting workshop a little while ago in Fairfield, Iowa. Her samples are from Godwriting she did after the workshop.

The second samples are from Sharon L. who just took the workshop in Santa Barbara. Her samplings are from the first and second days in the actual workshop.

I just have to tell you that I love to read other Godwriters’ Godwriting. The Godwriting is so good, and I feel so good for having played a part in their learning. Of course, I know full well that God does it all, but still I have the joy. I noticed, too, that, in a sample from each Sharon, God used His own special form of a word, as He sometimes does in Heavenletters. Have you ever noticed that?

After you read these Heavenpetals, let us know if you feel the power of Godwriting these samples hold. And, like Heavenletters, do you agree that these messages are for all of us?

Here goes:

Godwriting from Sharon T.:

June 18, '06

[Sharon, wearing high heels, had tripped and rolled down a steep and long hill. Amazingly, she wasn’t hurt.]

Dear God, Is there anything from You tonight, God? With love, Sharon

God said:

Dear Sharon, take that tumble that you took tonight, and use it as a metaphor for getting through this portal into your next chapter. From the moment you saw the 'trip' coming, you knew you would be fine. You also knew you had a choice of awkwardly trying to break your fall on that hill, but decided in a millisecond to stay relaxed and fully roll with it, in tall heels and all. You even instinctively protected the bottle of wine all the way through the tumble, knowing you could drop your heavy bag with no harm done. You also knew you were in a safe group with no need to feel embarrassed or awkward.

If you had tried to break your fall, you would've introduced resistance and injury-making, and would've resulted in pain and at least some degree of misery. That would've been acting from fear. You would've sabotaged yourself.

As it was, you chose to act from Faith from the onset, and were rewarded, even protected as a result. This is how it goes, as though you know you are in partnership with the Universe, with Grace. You trusted that you would be safe, and be taken care of, and deserved to be held in the palm of God's hand. And in a responsible way.

Remember your self-talk with this incident; these are the thoughts to hold. Go for the Prize, the Gusto, the Whole 9 Yards, the Whole Enchilada.

Be gentle with yourself. Trust.

You do have a special purpose. Turn it over continually to the unconditional Love of God. You will see.

July 3, '06

Dear God, things seem pretty chaotic. I could use Your input, if You will. Thank You and love, Sharon

God said:

Let Me help you. Let Me be your soft place to fall. Place your overwhelmment in the palms of My hands. Let Me sift it through My fingers for you. Let Me be your Rock for the Ages. Let Me help your cluttered mind to clear. Let Me sift through the wheat and chaff with you.

Listen to My soft and gentle urgings for your highest good.

You are to be Free Will, with all of its many pitfalls and pentacles. You are to take the wheel, the control. With Me, all things are possible. You are given all you need to accomplish great things and for your highest good. I am so excited about what you are capable of and will yet accomplish. I am in your every move. Be still and know.

Godwriting now from Sharon L. from the Saturday workshop. (This is her very first Godwriting):

Dear God, You know I’ve been preoccupied with a sense of hunger for my unlived life that, up to now, I’ve always been stopped by some event or circumstance or change which required utilizing all my energy just getting back to square one—

what stops me and how can I keep going now? With love, Sharon

God said:

Darling Sharon, you stop yourself because you believe nothing good can come of it. So just when something good presides, you close down, separate, close off. It’s as if an invisible line comes down and, like an obedient well trained pet, you won’t cross it. When you were two and your father thundered “Don’t you DARE disobey me!�? you lost the will to identify, fuse your force field, and fight his overbearing need to prevail as the unquestioned god of the household. You accepted his law of the land for yours and therefore, for Mine.

You need not reside there any longer. You were never meant to surrender your love for life, your belief in life as always remarkable, and especially your love for your own life, which is your direct love for Me. You were NEVER meant to surrender your love for life to anyone or anything, EVER. No THING can make you less than who you were created to be. You already are and always have been the full spectrum of love lived out through your aliveness. You were only meant to be your full present self, where you and I are never separate, never not in love. That love then is all you are, wherever you are, and only what you are.

You move forward now beyond the fear, beyond the trepidation that you will be breaking an unwritten but indelible covenant because there is no covenant to be broken. You are living proof that there is only one covenant, the one that is you, inseparable from Me.

Sharon L's Sunday afternoon workshop

Dear God, What is the most pressing message You would give me in this moment? Love, Sharon

God said:

My dear Sharon, LET GO! LET GO! LET GO! Life is not yours to solve or resolve. Life is not yours to bisect, dissect or reconstruct. That is what your mind is happy with, but not your heart, My dear one.

Your heart wants only to thrive, to soar, to find stillness in peace and revelry in pleasure. Your heart is a heat-seeking missile for love. Don’t allow your mind to explain, excuse or offer up the why of what seems to be. It can only speculate, slow you down, stand in your way.

BE STILL BE STILL BE STILL and call on Me. Come to Me. Come directly to Me. Do not go to Grandmother’s house in the woods, do not argue with the wolf. Take your picnic basket, Little Red Riding Hood, and come out into the meadow. Spread the blanket I have provided, lie on the soft grasses, and watch the clouds passing in their magical dance across the sky.

Get out of the dark forest of your bewilderness, and bring yourself into the light. Know you are always in the Light in Me and always have been. You are always in the Love in Me. I am always the Love in you. There IS no other place. There is only this feast I give you.

Godwriters, please send in your Godwriting. How many hearts will your Godwriting inspire and uplift? Godwriting is shared for the benefit of those who will read it. Email your Godwriting to me right now! Thanks.


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These are so wonderful. Thank you both for sharing. Makes me want to get my pen out right now to see what God might have to say! Please everyone, share your Godwriting. It is such an inspiration to all of us.

Awesome!! I am struct silent by the Second paragraph of Sharon L's Godwriting from the Saturday workshop. it's incredibly powerful and her first Godwriting too - congratulations Sharon and I thank you for sharing, through you God spoke to all his children, least we forget -
" You were only meant to be your full present self, where you and I are never seperate, never not in love. That love then is all you are, wherever you are, and only what you are."

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