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So many years ago when I lived in San Francisco, I had a dear friend who taught me a lot.

I was young and single, never had been married, and I had all kinds of opinions on marriage. I looked down on people who divorced, especially when they had children and divorced. That was irresponsible, and I would never do that.

At the time, my friend said: "Have your opinions, Gloria, but keep them to yourself until you have some experience and know what you are talking about."

I may not have lived up to that advice, but, obviously, I never forgot it.

The other night I was over the Sufi House, and a young woman said some beautiful things about how our world is going to be. She isn't familiar with Heavenletters, yet she was saying much of what God has said in Heavenletters. Effendi listened to this lady and then asked: "How do you know this?"

This young woman said she was a follower of a wise sage who had talked about all the wonders to come. As this young woman tried to relay what she had learned, her words got weaker and weaker.

When she was finished, Effendi said to her basically what my friend in San Francisco had said to me. Of course, Effendi was gentler, yet he got right to the point. "Wait until you know something from your own experience and awareness, and then people will listen to you."

That is wise, isn't it?

Now some authors really do know whereof they speak. They are fine writers, and they own what they write. They understand what they are saying very well.

I find myself in the position of hearing all these wonderful words from God, while I personally don't know much at all.  I believe completely in what God says, yet, for me, I don't own the knowledge. Anything I personally might say on spirituality comes from my feelings and from my memory of what God has said -- and I don't remember a whole lot.

I am thinking that I should be very quiet. And yet, and yet...


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I guess this world would be much better if we all would stay a little bit quieter and if we would talk of what we have really experienced, however without thinking to have the universal truth in our pocket... this my experience and another test that sometime I fail to pass :(. Of course this doesn't apply, for me, to Godwriting that I feel being a tool to get in touch with our deepest and wisest parts.

Gloria, I think there is great wisdom and deep insight in what your friend from San Francisco advised, what you present to us and what Effendi and Andrea have said.

If only we would all just drop all the “wisdom” we have ever heard or been taught or picked up from others, if only we would look only to our direct, first hand experience for our answers and direction, I believe all our worldly difficulties would just melt away.

Enjoying the dialogue and the stimulating ideas……Chuck

I do not know such authors. But if they exist, I would rather continue to ignore them.

Such wisdom and deep inside, yes. It reminds me of Jeshua saying over and over again that we don't know what a single thing is, what purpose it serves or may serve. Only our Father does know.
Thanks for sharing dear Gloria.
much love ♥

Beloved Gloria, I'd love you to share some of those authors you mention. For me, Richard Bach is one of them. More love.

For me, when I speak from my own experience, I find people are far more inclined to tune me in, than out. Because when I speak from my own experience, I am authentic, and speak with integrity. I own it. No one can take it away from me,and change it.
When we come from a place of God's love, people feel that in the words.
Berit, I love Richard Bach, and have several of his books. Leo Buscaglia was another. He was truly a man of love and intention.
Gloria, don't you dare start to be "quiet." You are God's messenger of joy and laughter. And I'm not talking about "Godwriting." I think your experiences, and how descriptive you are, will beat any comedy show on prime time tv. We connect with you, and learn with you:-)
It is wonderful to be able to read, and listen to one another, and learn from each other's experiences.

In terms of authors, I wasn't thinking of heart-felt fiction writers.

I had David Hawkins in mind, author of Power vs. Truth, etc. I am sure there are others. To me, David Hawkins is the greatest spiritual writer around -- well, except for God! What David Hawkins writes is based on far more than his opinion.

Emilia, I think I know what you mean. David Hawkins just knows his stuff, and lives it, and he might surprise you. But anyway, my point was that pretty much I can only repeat what God has said. Of course, this blog is from my own thoughts.

Lynda, I don't think there's much danger of my really being quiet! I am amazed at what I find to talk about!

David Hawkins expresses remarkable thoughts, inspiring too, his researches are deep and interesting. But if he really, really knew, he would not look so old! I am joking, just a little. I remember a story you told us on this blog about that french nun who asked for eternal youth and never grows older. I think she knows better and that is why she doesn't write.
Grateful to you for being just God's scribe, I suppose He really knows better than all.

And if, a part all the rest like "only my own experience", "to know what is telling about" and go on, the base was only acceptance? Everyone on its own way, with its own ideas and words. If words are wise, why not? Much better lissen to them, even if the autor doesn't know the deep significance; the reader makes its own significance, for everyone see the world from his personal sight. Acceptance, it could work.

Beautiful and so humble you are :) For me the most important think is, to be so empty so He could fill me. And I look at you, and I see you making your self empty and receiving the words and sharing with others and makeyourself empty again for the next. You're so perfect, and I loved what you wrote. ..

And you,beloved Arzuhan? And you? Do you not empty yourself to make room for more? You even see perfection where it is not. It must be that you see yourself.

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