How Heavenletters Work

 I have often pondered  how Heavenletters™ work their magic. I do know something happens.

In God's introduction to Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, He says:

We are here for the engagement of ourselves. We sit and hold hands. That is enough. A few moments with Me goes a long way...What is My message her for you today? Forget about it. Just be with Me, and allow Me to take you places...Give me your heart, not your mind. There is enough mind in the world and perhaps not enough heart. In any case, I ask for your heart. I wish to entwine it with Mine. Let Our hearts rub elbows. Sit down with Me a while.

He says more too.

Recently there was an email from a dear new subscriber in reference to HEAVEN #2958 Leave the Game of Unhappy Memories, December 30, 2008. The gist of the email was:

"This is a wonderful concept, but I've so far never heard from any one or any book an actual means of getting over a traumatic event."

In my mind, I have been answering this subscriber.

First of all, I personally don't know anyone who avoids trauma. I don't know anyone who bounces back instantly. That day will come. It hasn't yet come to most of us. We do the best we can to weather our heartaches. We just keep going.

There is no means. There is no How To. There is no formula. There certainly is no quick fix.

Yet there is mending. There may still be tears, and yet there is solace. Most of us do somehow come out the other side. We let go of some of the pain. We don't linger in it any longer.

The first time I heard about Job in the Bible and how he lost his children, and God gave him a new family, and Job was happy, I wondered how he could not say, "What about my other children?"  And yet Job was right to take joy in what God had given him that day.

If there is a cure for trauma, so far as I can see,  it can only be growth of consciousness.

How would you answer the new subscriber?

Now back to Heavenletters. I love what Jochen recently wrote on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum about how Heavenletters work. He wrote:

God's words in Heavenletters™ are not a teaching but a massage. The same strokes every day, mostly soft, sometimes a little bit rough, always loving. There is not much that needs to be understood intellectually, just to be around, just to expose yourself to this massage until one day something reaches the very core of you...


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Sweet Gloria, There is a curious “phenomena” I have discovered in Heavenletters. I have done “my homework”, and it seems God is “approving” of INTELLIGENCE which is mentioned in seven Heavenletters in glowing terms. However He/She is not so “approving” of the INTELLECT, which is spoken of in at least 59 Heavenletters somewhat disparagingly.
I think I'll go and hide my INTELLECT under the bed, LOL!! However, I find the references to INTELLIGENCE so beautiful I am posting them:

“But, look, you could just as well see the world with health, truth, intelligence, beauty, and love. Do they not exist?”

“Now you will consider yourself an adept at staggering abundance. You will wonder how you can carry around so much goodness and mercy and intelligence and health and beauty of heart and mind and body.”

“Who does not gravitate toward love and intelligence? Who does not want to be on the path to Heaven?”

“Let others be an inspiration to you. Let them lift your heart. Remember, you are drawn to great energy and great intelligence because they are yours. You resonate with what is within you.”

“I am great Intelligence, and I am great Love. It is not possible to separate Love and Intelligence. One captures the other. They are indivisible.”

“You can project anything you want. Why not project light? Project light from the rafters of your mind. Project brightness. Project intelligence. Project love.”

“Even the process of thinking is a gift from Me. Thoughts may be yours, yet I provide the intelligence.”

Bonnie, this is a remarkable post. You amaze me with your putting things together. Wow! You have chosen great quotations. Amazing YOUR intelligence!

You know we're working on a calendar ebook of short quotes as a New Year gift. We're behind because of my accident, so this calendar book will probably go out to everyone in installments.

I would like the calendar book to include every single quotation you chose. Is that okay with you? Do you happen to know which Heavenletter each quote is from?

Muchas gracias, Bonnie.

Trauma??? We just have to expect it as a lesson. It is a reminder of the things you did not do. Take it easy do not do to much, you do not listen, bang arm or shoulder out of whack. Death in the family. Yes that is a hard lesson but sometimes they finished the job they came to do here. And your reaction to this will help you. As we are still at school some lessons are harder than others. Accept them but do not judge. The deceased is in a better place and in a better position to help you, the left behind. Trauma will be finished shortly anyway as we will be more advanced in our thinking and doing. In the mean time lets us ALL LOVE ALL. Jack

That's a most beautiful description from Jochen!

A greater awareness is the same as seeing more of the big picture. God is the artist. His creation is a perfection of divine beauty that cannot be described. When we see more of the big picture, what was once considered "traumatic" becomes a beautiful scene, no matter how ugly the world perceives it to be.

Effective tools and techniques help expand awareness, not overcome problems.

Heavenletters paint the BIG PICTURE!

Trauma has been a big topic in my life too. Now God seems to want me to let go of the very idea of "getting over" anything in my so-called past.

Tonight I read in Heavenletters™:

"Do not ask yourself what you have done to deserve whatever it is that has befallen you. When you think of finding a source for a difficulty, you are looking at the wrong end of the telescope. Affix not present events in your life to previous ones. Life is wasted in thinking so much about it and trying to ascertain cause. You can never find the answer anyway. Perhaps what happens now is what happens now, and was not caused by a previous action of yours or Mine." (#744)

"A man is imprisoned unfairly, let Us say. At some point, he has to stop flailing and be all he wants to be now. Whatever the circumstances, it is his life, and his to move in. Injustice cannot be a deterrent to him. There is too much injustice in the world for a child of Mine to let it be a deterrent." (#746)

I faintly recollect the feeling that went with this, a shocking sense of the bottom falling out of what I have taken to be my life

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