How spam helped me to know myself

Perhaps you received this same uninvited email:

How to Cook the Perfect Burger

The ad included pictures of what looks like a muffin tin except, of course, it's a burger pan that I suppose you use on top of the stove. There is even a measuring cup included to ensure you have the right amount of burger to put into the burger pan. The ad also included a recipe book and other "free" items.

Here's what I learned:

I would never ever want to make a perfect burger. I LIKE things to be homemade and look homemade. I would take no pride in making ANYTHING uniform. In the days when I used to make muffins and scones, I took pride that each one was its own size and shape and different from every other one in the batch. I probably even went out of my way to make sure that no two were alike.

I don't want to be exactly like everyone else.  Why would I think my burgers or muffins or scones or anything else would want to be either?


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