How to Declutter Your Office

 This is a true account. It took place on February 4. 2009, in Fairfield, Iowa.  If there is anything of value for you here in these recorded steps, please feel free to adapt them to your own use.  

1. Have clearing off your desk on your mind for months and months.

2. Vow every day to do it.

3. Actually get down to it -- in my case -- February 4, 2009.

4. Immediately spot a box of half-hidden 64 School Quality Non-Toxic Crayons. Amazing colors.

5.  Rush to find some paper.

6.  Pick out whatever color crayons appeal to you. Cover the whole paper with zig-zag lines. When done, look at your  masterpiece from many angles. It may be a sunset or perhaps a landscape.

7. Time is up.

8. Vow to do better tomorrow.


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Where are the last four steps?

Do you mean decluttering is supposed to be a 12-step program!

May I share a totally aswesome technique that actually works!?

The technique is based on a solution to this simple challenge, de-cluttering a desk is easy, the challenge lies in: What to do with the clutter?

Technique: Find an old door. Take it off it's hinges if it's still upright and swinging. Find two old chairs/benches/stools or whatever else that would make good supportive "legs" for the table. Create a space right close by your cluttered desk for the "new desk" and setup the makeshift desk. Find a huge table cloth that reaches all the way to the floor. This part is important. The cloth must reach the floor and completely hide the "legs" and anything else under the table. Now move all the clutter from your desk right under the new table.

Reasons why this works
- you are very content knowing that all the most important things that occupy your desk is close at hand.
- space under the makeshift desk is "wasted space" so you will feel good that you are making use of something that would have otherwise got wasted.
- drawers, shelves and filing space can be emptied out to create a more zen feeling without the insecurities that come with having to throw something away or having to decide where to put it. Chuck it under the new table.
- nothing will get lost. It's all under the table.
- de-cluttering will take a few seconds from now on.
- you will feel so good about your ingenuity and the fact that the "new" furniture was created from old stuff lying around.

Now folk, this may seem a little too simple to be true, but I write from experience. This method does really work in my life. Better than I expected. I also have the bonus of a huge expanse of space to play on for crafts and experiments, like zig zagging with 64 non-toxic school quality crayons.

Why De-clutter, I like all the wires etc on Meke's desk, That is where our computer is. If I need anything, Be it pen, paper, phone or whatever it only takes me i hour to find whatever I was looking for, If I remember what I was looking for. I find things I forgot I had so another bonus. No do not declutter, you might lose things Love you All Jack

What wonderful postings !!! I think to a certain extend my german part comes in and so I go forward as I programed and I really travel very lightly, what ever I don't use for some time I feel ok with giving away. If it weren't for the boys, I would have a house with just some books, 2 pairs of jeans and some t-shirts....
Gloria, I can well understand though that the wonderful coloured crayons inspired your creative heart !!
much love to all !

One's technique is MARVELOUS. I might try that after going through Gloria's routine!

All your suggestions are wonderful and a delight to read.

I have more to tell on this subject. More soon.

Thank you all!

Your declutering is marvelous. I can see your desk. Great job and done so quickly!!
Also love the coloring you have done.

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