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 notebook repairs

Of course, I didn't! I wouldn't dream of taking my laptop, Schatzi, apart.

However, someone took his computer apart. It had crashed!

What would I do if my computer crashed? After a total meltdown, I would probably think that all is lost and that I must get a new computer.  It probably never would have occurred to me that something complicated that breaks down can be fixed.

In the photo above, you are viewing the insides of Heaven Admin's faithful computer called One. When it crashed, Santhan was undaunted. He took it apart, and with a dry brush, dusted every part, re-assembled it, and now it works again as good as new.

Santhan wrote:

One is working again! I had all the parts stripped out and lying across the table. Imagine no extra screws after I put One back together!

Can you imagine what HP would have charged me? Little successes like this by people all over the world is getting us our independence back! Now I must go surf in the Indian Ocean :)

Oh, yes, to get our independence back. To be self-reliant. What a great feeling.

Of course, it is beyond my understanding how a computer that stopped working and now fixed can still have all the information it had before. How do those little pieces hold on to their memory. Isn't that amazing?

Heaven Admin told me how to fix a technical problem of mine, and when I did it, and it worked, it felt so good.

The difficulty has been that, when I type, the immobilizer I wear that keeps my right arm stuck to me keeps touching the ornery touch pad. I would be typing in this blog, for instance, and then find myself switched to an email.  Or I would have jumped to some program or option that I would never want. It was discombobulating to say the least.

Actually, amazing things would happen, amazing things that you could never make happen if you wanted!

Santhan's solution was that I tape my card over the touch pad! How simple! I could do that, and I did! And now the touch pad doesn't interfere any longer.

Last night I discovered a technical mystery, and I don't see how anyone can solve this one.

All of a sudden, from all the wires that are plugged into my circuit protector, there was one unplugged! I very carefully traced what the unplugged plug went to. Aha, it is to the desk lamp I have next to my computer.  Easy, all I had to do was to plug it back in again to the circuit protector.

But not so simple, after all. I swear to you -- there is absolutely no place on the outlet for another plug to go. Every spot is full. So, I ask you, how come that lamp had always worked?  Was it a miracle all this time, and I didn't know?

Now, anyone know how to solve this one?


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A lamp working without being plugged - I would say that is one of very few problems in the world that don't need a solution. There was this guy in an institution for the mentally ill who loved to glue all kinds of electronic parts onto pieces of wood or glass or cardboard randomly - transistors, capacitors, switches, light-bulb sockets etc. No wiring. Finally he put some bulb into a socket, threw a switch - and the light went on. This was carefully investigated by a team of critical scientists. What did they do when the could find no explanation for this phenomenon? They cried. Understandably, they were unable to believe in the absolute power of innocence. Perhaps if we innocently expect a lamp to work, it will, plugged or not. You may have done just that. It certainly helps when we don't know it's not plugged, but I think we will all reach a level of innocence (and not be called "mentally ill") where "technically impossible" will be a thing of the past.

For now, why don't you use an external keyboard for Schatzi? If you do, the touchpad can be deactivated.

Beloved Jochen, I used to have a separate keyboard. It was ergonomic, and I loved it. It doesn't have the right port for my laptop, however. I will keep my eyes open. But how do you deactivate the touchpad? Does it do it by itself?

Now I have a deeply embarrassing confession to make. Now the whole world will wonder where my brain is.

I love the story you told about that man! Alas, it does not apply to me and never did.

With the sun streaming in just now, I noticed an extension cord across the floor that had nothing plugged into it. Putting two and two together, I plugged my lamp into the extension, and now the lamp works. It must have been plugged in there all the time until probably I tripped over it, and the plug separated from the extension cord! Oh, well.

What can I say but that my face is red.

My face is red too, but from laughing. Wonderful. Let's stay square then for a while longer. The miracles of ordinariness.....

I said keybord, didn't I? Quatsch. I meant mouse, of course, and you already have one. The problem is, my laptop computer is not a Dear Microsoft one so I can't give you the procedure. But if you go to "Windows Help" and type in "touchpad" or perhaps "mouse", something ought to come up.

The emty cord and the Lamp works again. Wonderful!! Be very careful with that cord, we do not want you to trip over it and fall again and possible damage the other arm. How is your arm??? are you giving itenough rest or are you impatient with it? likeI used to. Gloria DEAR PLEASE BE CAREFULL WITH ALL THOSE WIRES. lOVE YOU ALL JACK

Beloved Jack, I will be very careful with the wires.

Have you had a broken arm in the past?

Yes, I'm impatient!

Thanks for your love.

The photo seems like an open heart surgery to me, I would never dare to do such a thing. Santhan dear, you are a magician !
Oh my, dear you made me laugh !!!!! A lamp that works without being plugged in... only women can do such miracles !!
Yes dear, be carefull with extensions cords, they are tricky !
I have to adujust a plug in the wall tomorrow, have seen that it's hanging down (how can that be ???), I will have to deactivate the electrity in the house and settle it tomorrow by daylight.

Wow, that story about the guy and the lamp is awesome! I love it. That's the way it should be and I am certain that it will be like that. I'd love to hear more about that story and similar ones.

Senora, the keyboard port is a simple fix. It's called a PS2 to USB converter. I'll see if I can find one on the net and have it shipped to you. I also want to send that usb sound card so you may start recording Heavenletter readings again!

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