I forgot what frustration was


For a little while, I forgot what aggravation was. In Europe, I did not have a trace of it. Of course, I was surrounded with beautiful people who made everything lovely.

But as soon as I reached the United States, aggravation made itself known.

Rather than telling you how many times my internet was down etc., I think this photo of what my clothesline looked like symbolizes what life was like after Europe!

In stubbornness, I did hang up one blouse.

In case you're wondering, the object on the bottom right of the picture is a bag of clothespins that fell off the clothesline when it decided to collapse.

No matter how I tried, the clothesline, like Humpty Dumpty, couldn't be put back together again.


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Before reading your explanations I was wondering what actually is that big object!!!.... ;)

Love the way you write, love you.:)


That is rather a mess there. I cannot imagine how it could happen. I suppose someone could rectify it but it is probably cheaper to buy a new one. Gloria dear is that what you do when you get angry? You almost scare me so that is why I always say. I LOVE YOU Jack

I will tell you how it happened. About two years ago I'm pretty sure I wrote a blog about this rotating clothesline we bought. It cost enough, Jack, but it turned out to be the cheapest of the cheapest. From the first moment we opened it up, we were disappointed. It was the only one the store had at the time.

Before I left, apparently SOMEONE left a quilt hanging on the line, someone who certainly didn't remember doing that but must have.

We had a lot of rain, and the quilt must have gotten very heavy, and the weight killed the clothesline.

Oh, yes, you'd think you could just push the thing back up, but no one could. Very disobedient clothesline. The metal bent rather than straighten up.

What do I do when angry?!!! I swear to you I never wrecked a clothesline.

This is an interesting piece of post-modern art.

Yes, Emilia has it right! This piece should now be donated to the Federal Government, which is always looking for unique art forms to display in front of Federal buildings. It is much more attractive than anything I have previously seen there! You should offer it to them for about half of what they usually pay!. That would no doubt cover the expenses of whole trip to Argentina!

Beloved Gloria,
this takes me back to Germany, friends of my parents had it, I mean of course the neat nice version still working as a clothesline !
When you did hang on the blouse the clothesline didn't reply anything ????????????

Emilia and Carol have a marvelous Idea. Modern Art. Clever Ladies. To see a solution to a big problem. Go for it Gloria. Love to ALL, Jack

dearest Gloria, I think this would be a fantastic base for your Christmas's decorations! Please, send a new photo with many decoratons, we will vote it. pitta

very good idea Pitta... a cheap and ecologic (well, perhaps not so ecologic because of the plastic used ;) ) Xmas tree :)

Can you grow a climber up it?

I LOVE all your ideas! Yes, we could have a Clematis grow up the clothesline, and it would be a beautiful thing. We could buy many of these clotheslines and hang heavy quilts on them until they collapse. With duplicates, we can have a Christmas tree and sell our incredible art.

The only thing is, not only did the clothesline die, but, alas, the trash picked it up.

If only I had known your creative ideas sooner, we could have made a shrine out of it.

I still would love to know of your ideas on ways we could have made the twirling bedraggled clothesline into something wonderful.

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