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Gloria as a little girl

Did I do this once already?

I remember a boy from first grade whose name was Charles Norsk. And what I remember about him is one day, when he was wearing boots -- they were called high cuts --  he had an itch on his foot. He made noise trying to scratch the itch by scraping one boot over the other. I remember his looking up and recognizing that he was making noise, and he smiled.

I remember from fourth grade that Jeannette Turner's birthday is April 8. I don't remember Jeannette Turner herself, just the date of her birthday.

I remember my kindergarten teacher, Miss Benner. She looked a little bit like Olive Oyl.

I remember my first grade teacher, Miss Hathway. That's all I remember is her name.

I remember Miss Bancroft, my second grade teacher, with all my heart because she loved me.

I remember my third grade teacher's name, Miss Hooker, and that's all I remember.

I remember my fourth grade teacher, Miss Smith. She was stern. She wore glasses. The way the light reflected off her glasses, you never knew when she was looking at you.

I remember my fifth grade teacher although I don't remember her name this minute. She was the first elementary school teacher that my brother and sister had not had before me. The teacher my brother and sister had was Miss Stacy. Miss Stacy still taught in the school,  but she had a different fifth grade class.

I just remembered the name of the French teacher I had in junior high school who was so great and everyone loved her and she went to see my parents at the store --  I mentioned her in the blog entry about Miss Gustafson -- her name was Mrs. Wenzel.

My sixth grade teacher was Miss Hicks. She was a GOOD teacher. Dedicated to teaching,  she stretched us. If there were two minutes left of school, she made use of that two minutes. I still remember two of the songs we sang -- Beautiful Dreamer and Juanita.

But it is Miss Bancroft, my second grade teacher, whom I loved and still love because she loved me.

What are some of your memories from your early years?


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Gloria, I am curious as to how these memories compare to those of junior high school, senior high school, and college.

I, too, retain many names and memories from my grade school years, fewer from junior high, and even fewer from high school. College was apparently spent in a fog that almost never lifted.

Some of this may be due to my own way of surviving my education which often involved withdrawal behind closed doors literally and figuratively. But I wonder if this gradual loss of awareness is also something humanly shared as we grow out of the child's immediate living in the present and into the maze of self-awareness.

This could mean, Charles, that we are into a most fascinating research: What will our awareness and consequently our memory be like when we "grow back into the child's immediate living in the present"? As far as I understand Heavenletters™, that is what we are doing. I'd love to find out.

I remember very little from my school days because I did not like school some teachers were Sadist, Some were Ok. but none stand out only the headmaster of my second highschool, The first I left because of the teachers and their headmaster who later got sacked because of alcoholism. I asked a priest during religious lesson As all want to go to the top of the hill and each religion goes a different way is it not all the same. I got kicked out as a heretic, so to the Headmaster. Who Said " Van Raders I agree with you but do not ever tell anyone ". "You do not have to attend any more Religious instructions" I worked my bt of to get good marks for the subject he tought -German- I hated languages but I made some very good results much to his surprice. Later at Nautical college I flew through because I liked what was beig Tought, At primery and High school teachers wer not making their subjects interresting so I went through that time being extremely Bored. Sorry Gloria But teachers have never been my favourate people because we never had someone like You Love you All Jack

I just read through that and sorry teacher but my punctuation and gramar are atrocious But my love for all gets bigger every day . J

Jack, if I had been lucky enough to be your teacher, you would have been the teacher's pet!

I remember my primary teacher, Mrs Witte, I really loved her and for many years to follow we kept in contact. A most wonderful teacher, she loved teaching and loved children. And... I remember the Headmaster, but I don't recall her name. She was ever so stern and you just shivered when she looked at you even passing by, must have been our guitly consciousness !
I remember my best friend Daniela Knupperts, I think it was with her that I always climbed on the roof the school, it was such fun to be there ! It was indeed a most happy time, then things changed a bit but that's life, isn't it ?
So sweet this photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
much love

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