If You Were Asked to Be a Spy

Does your mind ever ask you such non-essential questions like this? I have spent too much time thinking about how I might some day be called on to be a secret agent. I don't think I would do very well.

First of all, I don't think I'd be able to fool anyone. If I have a secret, it shows on my face. I would be found out even before I start. It is hard for me to keep a secret anyway.

If there were a coded message I had to say in a book store, I'm afraid I would forget it, just like my passwords on the internet.

If I had to open a door with a key, how long might it take before I could find the right key and get it into the lock?

If I had to go to someone's computer in their bedroom and quickly copy and send the data, I would be all thumbs, pressing the wrong keys, and I would be afraid of getting caught and being unable to think of a good lie about why I was in in someone's bedroom hacking into their computer. I cannot think of a good reason for as long as I have been trying to think of one.

If somehow I could flee the computer in the bedroom in time and not get caught, I would be unsure of what direction to go in the hallway, left or right.

I don't think anyone would ever ask me to be a spy, but if they did, I have wanted to be at least semi-prepared.

How about you?


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Dear Gloria,

My writing isn't acomment about the subject above but it is an excuse...
I don't know how it happened but it is a reality that I have learned about the accident you have had very recently.I think I wasn't very good at internet those days with some reason.I am very sorry but I very much believe that you will feel yourself perfectly well very soon...
I was really very much impressed with your writing under the title 'WHAT I MISS ABOUT HAVING TWO GOOD ARMS' I believe you are good enough and experienced enough to appreciate the meaning of two good arms but your situation is another great help as usual to the others who use your your writings and your comments like a torch to lighten their life path.Sometimes people don't appreciate what they have before they lost it.I believe the people who read and follow you learned a lot more now.Isn't it This another great mission of you?
I don't want to keep you long and take your precious time long.Get well soon please!!!!!!
I strongly believe that you will start to use your
two good arms very soon....
With my best wishes. All the best in 2009...
Oya (Engin's mother).

Dear Oya, mother of Engin, our Turkish translator, thank you so much for writing and such a beautiful comment. I sure didn't appreciate what I had. This was a good lesson
for me, and an easy one as lessons go! I don't want to sound Pollyanna-like, but I am also grateful for the experience. Now I know what others have gone through -- and far more traumatic. I will be much more understanding of what other people have had to go through.

The lesson: Always pay attention when you are on a treadmill. Always pay attention period!

And as to your secret agent skills, perhaps you could bone up on them by watching old Pink Panther movies.

Hmm interesting... As I have in the past, though not for least the last couple of years, had a similar scenario in my head where I was a 'super' agent and had the code name 'Alpha Omega One - the beginning and the end' always like there was a rush to save what ever (me maybe :-)

Having just finished Communion with God and Friendship with God both by Neale Donald Walsh where God talks of being the Alpha and the Omega; and of course talks about being 'One' it made me wonder... :-) what was I being told. And now with your talk of spy I wonder what is the link with secret agents :-)

Well, beloved Steven, there is always that aspect where we are not seen as we really are so we may be secret agents supreme after all!

Beloved Charles, GR8 suggestion! Maybe Pink Panther is due for an update. Hmmm. You sure made me laugh!

Secret agent Gloria?? No Dear Gloria you are GOD's Agent and no secret about that. The one armed agent of GOD and a wonderful job you make of it. Keep going and make people around the world Happy Love you ALL Jack

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