I'm here!

Just to let you know that I am in Johannesburg, South Africa, and this is all beyond my dreams.

Johannesburg is BEAUTIFUL. The people are warm and friendly, and you know how I like that! Heaven Admin, his aunt and cousins here are amazingly gracious and hospitable and fun. They are the way we all wish everyone would be.  I cannot stop smiling.

The climate here is ideal! Not hot, not cold, but just right. A perfect day!

According to U.S. today is Wednesday, November 30. According to South African time, it is Thursday, December 1. This says that I arrived two days ago! This proves that time is illusion!

Today Heaven Admin and I travel to Durban, South Africa. More of Heaven Admin’s beautiful family to meet and sights to see.

After that to a cottage near the Indian Ocean where life will be more settled, and I will be regularly connected to the Internet and will get real blogs out to you with photos etc.

I’m thinking of you constantly.

With love, Gloria


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Oh1 by the way, my surgeon allowed me to fly to SA!

I am so glad you arrived safely and are having a wonderful time. Pictures please.

Hooray Gloria! So happy to know you have arrived and are enjoying yourself fully already, wonderful! We know you are in the best of company with Santhan and family too.
Sending our best. Enjoy! Love, Ginger

Oh, Gloria, I am so happy for you! And One, so grateful to you! Barbara

Canim Gloria and Santhan,

Have great time!!!

All the best

Looooove you


Yes time is funny I am here writig at 6am and you as a good girl are still asleep, what about 2am I hope you are asleep at that time have a beatiful time with all your new experiences.Love to all you meet and to yourself Jack

22 degrees and snow showers predicted in Fairfield tonight! I'm so happy to think of you in beautiful sunny weather.

Thank you all. How wonderful to hear from you!

The saga continues. Everything keeps getting more wonderful and more wonderful.

Again I was without connection. Now that I am connected again, I will see what I can do about a new blog entry.

Heaven Admin (Santhan) has the photos from Johannesburg.

And I will start taking photos here in Durban at Uncle Anand's house.

There is a view of the Indian Ocean from this home.

Ask questions if you have them.

Sally, I have not as yet found the weather anything but perfect, absolutely not too hot. It is hard to even imagine the weather you are experiencing in Illinois!

I am being spoiled any way you slice it!

Yippee!! Gloria is with Santhan in South Africa!!

Hi, Gloria!! I've been waiting to see when you arrived, so glad you got there safely! Missing and loving you! Have the best time of your life!
Love, Laura

Ha! I've kidnapped Gloria and am holding her for ransom. To get her back, each of you will have to visit South Africa. Normand, already has the idea. Meanwhile she will be allowed to post on this blog regularly (censored of course) and reply to emails.

Hardly against my will, Senor! Though I do like the idea of making it so others come here! In that case, yes, I am looking to be rescued!

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