In Istanbul, God asked

I have mentioned how sometimes when we read our Godwriting out loud to the group, we find ourselves more touched than we knew. When I read aloud this Godwriting at the Istanbul workshop, it almost made me cry:

Gloria to God:

Dear God, Santhan was right when he said that each workshop is different, each a diamond, and each its own chord.

God, will You tell me about this workshop and what it means and how did we all get here at this workshop, and why are we here?

God to Gloria:

You are here because I asked you to come. I put My hand up as if to know the direction of the wind, and I asked: "Who is coming to My beautiful workshop in Istanbul?"

Then I heard the clamoring voices and sweet hearts who raised their hands and said: "God, I will come."

So, in answer to your question, everyone who is here is here for Me. I called, and they answered.

You called, and I answered.

The flowers of My heart came of their own accord, and came with the flame of My heart emblazoned in theirs.


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Before when I recieved your invite for the workshop... I had received the message from God that "I'm There and you are invited."...

Love you. :) dearest angel!

Dear Oldooz,
Your reply realy touched my heart. How beautiful and so simple,and then again so deep and thrilling. Wow to get an invite like that. Thank you for share-ing. Love light and have fun. Jack

Thank you Jack. Love

Dear Oldooz, what a gift to be aware fo this invite :). I'm very happy for you!

Thank you Andrea.


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