Is this, then, life?

God in Heavenletters™ says we have enough to do in this lifetime without spending time wondering about past lives. I love that God is practical.

What does it matter, I wonder, who we once were.

It's hard for me to come up with someone I would want to have been. I suppose I would like to have been someone in the life of a great person like Christ or Krishna. Certainly,  I would be happy to have been the woman who touched the hem of Christ's robe. I would be happy to have been one of a thousand Gopi milkmaids in Krishna's time.

I used to give my classes compositions about what famous person from history they might want to be or what famous person alive today they might like to be. In the same vein, I also used to give the assignment of what flower they would choose to be.  The significance of the assignment was not the choice the kids made but rather why they chose what they did. And so the child would get a glimpse of what his values really are. Through each child we would come closer to knowing our own values.

What would your answers be?

I wonder, is it that in everything we do in life, we are learning ourselves? Is it our values we are learning?

Sometimes, in life, it seems to me that we are blind. Our experiences and the thoughts and impressions we make of our experiences become like fingers that are trying to read Braille. We try to read the book of life.  Our fingers of thoughts move over the pages,  only the pages of life are moving faster than our fingers.

There is a chapter in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer where a student reads aloud his paper entitled Is This, Then, Life? Mark Twain has fun with this. The boy reads his oratorical paper filled with fancy words, and it is obvious that the boy has no clue as to what life is.

But, then, I ask myself, who does?


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Do you think this is why Godde says to "let go and let Godde?" To let go of the need/frustration to control and direct every aspect of our own lives and just live. It's like finally being brave enough to let go of the bar on the roller coaster and simply go with the flow. To ride the rapids without worrying about what's around the next bend. (Sorry ... getting a little carried away there ...)

I'm inspired by the letter from the subscriber in prison in your last post. Seems to me he has handle on how to look at life ...


I would have liked to be an enlightened conqueror and have an epic life. And I still fancy of a grand free life out of the ordinary. But I do not know if really we have lived past lives. Time is not supposed to exist. In any case life is all a supposition based on others suppositions and, despite our chattering, arguing, disputing, imagining, believing, we cannot discover Truth. We just receive it by Grace, if we want and if we ask... I suppose!

I would choose to be a cornflower (fleur-de-lis).And if I look at my motivations for this choice, I realize that it's because the cornflowers give (me)such a great sense of joy and beauty, not on their own, but in the middle of a cornfield, as part of the whole picture. It adds its beauty to the whole.
I think this is a very interesting exercise. I wish I had you as my teacher at school, and I am grateful for having you as my teacher now.

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