Istanbul and Tel Aviv

Dear Blogfriends,

Yes, my feet have touched the soil of the Holy Land. And I will, of course, tell you everything, yet before I get down to it, I will keep you in suspense.

I seem to still hear the songs of the mosques of Istanbul in my head. I still see the sweet faces of the people in the Sufi House around the breakfast table, the circle of new Godwriters at Lale and Jale's beautiful center. I don't know that I will be able to express everything I want to express.

Have you ever had a Turkish breakfast? It is set on a beautiful tablecloth. Many many little dishes filled with incredible black olives, most marvelous red tomatoes, cucumbers,  honey with honeycomb still in it, yogurt, feta and other cheeses, jams, eggs, creme frais, wonderful brown bread sliced by hand,  grape molasses and tahini -- what am I forgetting? Oh, no, I don't want to forget one thing. I will not forget that the table is filled to overflowing, and the room overflowing with love.  I think the love is reaching right where I am now, in Edna's fourth floor apartment near Tel Aviv. I cannot tell the difference between love in Istanbul, and love in Tel Aviv.  The table here is full, and the love, the beautiful love, fills the air. There is love, and it is God's.

I thought I was in Europe to give God's Godwriting workshops. Now I am wondering if this trip was about receiving rather than giving. Clearly, God was giving Heaven Admin and me the treat of a lifetime.  I am having to learn to receive here in Israel as everywhere we have been. You can imagine how humbling it is for me when someone bends down to tie my shoes. Now it is Edna.

Of course, I am traveling from place to place, yet it feels like I am sitting still, and somehow the countries and people seem to come to me, much in the way food is served. I cannot even imagine my solitary life in Fairfield any more.

And every day, Senor Heaven Admin is where I am, and I hear his voice and see the light in his eyes. He is a theme running through this European tour. If you read the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum, you know I am not the only one who notices the love and depth in Heaven Admin's brown eyes.

We arrived in Israel yesterday afternoon. Edna immediately became a dear sister, and Edna's younger sister rushed over to meet Heaven Admin and me, and took us to a popular beach in Tel Aviv.  And then another friend came over to meet us at the beach. As I said, it is like the whole world is coming to meet us.

I walked barefoot in soft sand and let the water of the Mediterranean Sea wash over my feet. I have to remind myself. I am in the Holy Land. I am in the Holy Land. I am in the Holy Land.

Did I already tell you that a psychic told my daughter that my feet were itching to walk on the soil of the Holy Land?  I didn't know, but now I know it's true.

Today we will go to Jerusalem, to the Wailing Wall, to a famous mosque there, and a Bazaar.  My eyes light up at the idea of a BAZAAR! Do you remember the Bazaar in GODSPELL?

I still have to catch up on the Istanbul workshop and more about Effendi and Sufi love. And there is so much more to tell you about Israel and what it means to be here.

With love and blessings,



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Oh, Gloria, I know very well what a Turkish breakfast is! Simply a feast for the eyes and for the taste, it reflects the Ottoman opulence and their sense of colour. Usually my breakfast in Turkey lasts one hour and 1/2! And I love Bazaars too! The one in Gerusalem is not as big and colourful as the one in Istanbul, which is quite unique, but what is interesting in Gerusalem is that you can see in the same place both Arabians and Jewish selling their goods. What I particurarly recall of Israel is the light. So metaphysical, so abstract, so pure.

Beloved Gloria, how I love reading where you are and what it is like. we are with you I think !!
I know that feeling so well, when you really taste the specialness of a moment and you don't want to forget a single detail, you want to fix it in your mind and heart for ever.
All my love to you, Santhan and the wonderful Heavenangels who are taking care of you so lovingly.

I'd love to have a go at the turkish breakfast !!!!

Emilia dear, kisses and hugs to you !!

Thank you for sharing your adventures so beautifully. My heart is so uplifted with the love expressed by everyone who has written here.

Oh Gloria & Heaven Admin what a special trip God reserved to you! You deserved it for sure! I feel it's a kind of reward from the Universe for all the Love you've poured on us during the workshops. The breakfast description it's been amazing. I know that your lifes will never be the same after this tour and I hope you'll be able to fix every moment in your hearts and take them with you forever. Please keep us updated, we're traveling with you. A big hug!

Beloved Gloria!

What a wonder . . . to set foot on holy land, and to walk with Heaven admin into places where love abides! It's great to see how you are savoring each and every moment. How blessed are we to be able to share these moments with you through your blog posts. Thank you for lifting us up with you, and holding us so intimately in your heart. We love you.

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